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  1. Marty Deutschmann

    Was it really the Pies to blame?

    So. Is it time we started to reassess who or what was to blame for the total capitulation of the Broncos over the last three seasons? Are people ready to accept or even entertain the thought that it really isn't Seibold who broke the Broncos?
  2. Marty Deutschmann

    St George Illawarra Broncos

    How good is our previous roster doing down south with our old coach? Already got that second Brisbane team for my mind...
  3. Marty Deutschmann

    Membership Cards

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but the Broncos are moving to digital membership cards this year. To purchase a physical card it will be $15 per card and are forcing members to pay that per card per registered seat on the account. This is crazy to me... So I work for and manage a...
  4. Marty Deutschmann

    Ben Ikin: Sorry Darius, Maybe you need to Harden Up
  5. Marty Deutschmann

    Corona Virus could end Boyd's Career

    [emoji51] didn't think of that...
  6. Marty Deutschmann

    RUMOUR Valentine Holmes returns to Cowboys

    Val Holmes remains focused on NFL but acknowledges NRL bidding frenzy By Peter Mitchell Valentine Holmes is focused on the NFL but kept the door wide open for an NRL return Val Holmes is mostly focused on his NFL career. Valentine Holmes remains focused on breaking into the New York Jets’...
  7. Marty Deutschmann

    Broncos Needing Rebuild

    It is obvious we are in a rebuild... But what players do you think we could benefit from signing? We obviously are in need of some spine players and outside backs. Maybe even an enforcer forward who plays with some Monel mongrel
  8. Marty Deutschmann

    BHQ Fans Getting Their Wishes

    Well here we are forum. We've finally given the "up and commers" a run, given the side to them and moved on old blood. We have gone with a natural halfback instead of two running halves. We now have Macca out of the team temporarily which gives a speedy hooker a chance to make a claim for the...
  9. Marty Deutschmann

    Brisbane Broncos sign Fijian sevens prospect Ilikena Vudogo

    6 hours ago Brisbane Broncos sign Fijian sevens prospect Ilikena Vudogo There's now an impressive batch of young backs at the club. [https://images] Written By TOM NAGHTEN Brisbane Broncos have reportedly added some depth to their backline with the signing of Fijian rugby sevens prospect...
  10. Marty Deutschmann

    Griffin at panthers

    A week ago i asked phil goul on Twitter if the players playing too heavy was bought up in the recruitment process for his position he told me it didn't and wasnt a concern. .. Today: The Daily Telegraph. Slimmed down Waqa Blake ready to fight for a spot in Penrith’s backline: On his...
  11. Marty Deutschmann

    World Club Series 2015 charge down

    Hahahahahaha just watched the highlights from our WCS match and completely forgot about that charge down from parkers penalty goal haha! !!! Hilarious
  12. Marty Deutschmann

    Broncos Stability

    It feels really good to have a stable and on the rise Club that we can be assured will dominate in the nrl for the years to come. Knowing that the right people are in charge of the roster, having youth coming through, a fantastic culture really is special in the modern game. How would...
  13. Marty Deutschmann

    How to beat the Broncos

    These are what I'd do as an opposition coach to nullify the brisbane force in 2015. Bomb at Oates. He's shakey under the high ball. I'd work my sets to put it up and trap him two or three in from the sideline somehow. Don't want him running at players 1 on 1. If that's too risky and you'd...
  14. Marty Deutschmann


    Can we start gathering all our crazy awesome tries we've scored this year and start posting them all in here? There's been some sensational ones this year.. (Not to mention maranta's contender for try of the year)
  15. Marty Deutschmann

    what bronco will play all stars?

    As you all probably know, bennett is the coach for the all stars team in which he gets to hand pick his team with the provision of having to choose just one player minimum from every club... So which bronco will he pick? My money was on milford.. But I'm thinking he could go with...
  16. Marty Deutschmann

    Broncos Auckland 9s team selection. .

    Too soon? Who would you like to see sent this year? Milford Barba Copley Reed Vidot Thaidai K Nikorima Oates Glenn Garbutt Hala Keneddy Kahu
  17. Marty Deutschmann

    Daniel Vidot 2015

    So... Do you all see Vidot as a certain to play wing next year and onward? With all the talk of Boyd, Hoffman etc. I really hope they don't start considering him as a back rower.
  18. Marty Deutschmann

    Anthony Milford @ 6

    Tony is running on in the 6 this weekend for the faders. I'm not a fan of judging a player from a stand alone shift in position as I know how long it can take to adjust to a new role and structure, but it could be interesting to see how he handles NRL front line attack and defense...
  19. Marty Deutschmann

    Josh Hoffman

    Anyone know when Hoffman is due back at Red Hill? And what sort of reception he is going to have? There's a lot of bs we all know he has to answer for. The way he was acting in the RLWC was very disrespectful to his current employers and should be reprimanded for it. Logically speaking, we...

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