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  1. Cult3

    LIVE Indigenous VS Maori All Stars

    The women's game starts at 4 I'm pretty sure. Daylight savings time and all that.
  2. Cult3

    SPOILER Marvel/DC Comic Book and Movie Chat

    The movie threads seem pretty popular but I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for all of the Superhero chat. I haven't read the comics for a few years now but I have a few weeks off and it seems Marvel has just relaunched (again) so I might get started on them. Has anyone been...
  3. Cult3

    Pre-Season Trials

    Here is a list of the trials. If anyone finds live streams for them can you post them in here? Week one trials 7 February – Storm v Knights at AAMI Park (3pm local) 10 February – Broncos v Central Capras at Theodore (6pm local) Week two trials 16 February – Storm v Leeds Rhinos at AAMI Park...
  4. Cult3

    English Super League 2018

    Their season starts in two weeks and I need some rugby league in my life. They've been playing a pre-season games over the last few weeks. If anyone finds the legal streams you can post them in here. Otherwise just the usual chat about their comp. I'm a Wigan fan but their Storm-like style of...
  5. Cult3

    Conspiracy Theories

    My old man got a Google Home Mini for Christmas. We were talking about about how to set it up for about 5 minutes and I opened Facebook and had advertisements for the Google Home Mini. We then intentionally spoke about buying a pool to see if it would come up and it did. I've thought this has...
  6. Cult3

    World Cup Squads

    Haven't seen a lot about the World Cup at the end of the season. When are the squads named? How big are the squads going to be? Who do you think should and shouldn't be named? I'd leave out some players like Josh Jackson and Klemmer because of terrible club form. Ferguson and Dugan because they...
  7. Cult3

    Today I Learned

    Fun facts about things nobody really cares about. I figured we could all teach each other some of the random or interesting things that we learn everyday.
  8. Cult3

    SPLIT Waddell

    Wouldn't be surprised if he's on after 20-30 and plays the rest of the game. The Warriors would definitely target him and Waddell is pretty good defensively. I just hope Waddell doesn't start the game with 5 forward passes like his last few first grade games. He won't get away with it this time.
  9. Cult3

    Pro Wrestling

    Didn't realize there were so many wrestling fans on here. How into it are you guys? A lot of fans only watch WWE which is fine because they give like 8 hours of it a week. Then there's fans like me who follow what's happening in the US indy circuit, British wrestling, Japan and even local stuff...
  10. Cult3

    OFFICIAL Josh McGuire - 4 Year Contract Extension

    Also got McGuire for four more years
  11. Cult3


    A place to discuss the new Fox League channel. I recommend everyone make plans to leave the house at 11am tomorrow unless you're into inflicting pain on yourself (Holdzy). Grand Final replays for the first few days.
  12. Cult3

    Auckland Nines Squad

    Apparently our squad has been released.
  13. Cult3

    Custom Broncos Jerseys

    There's been a lot of conversation about our jerseys for the 2017 season and every off season recently has been filled with complaints and conversations about what our jerseys should like like. I've always been really into creating custom jerseys on games and stuff so why don't we make our own...
  14. Cult3

    New Away Jersey

  15. Cult3

    Local Brisbane Footy Teams To Join

    I was just wondering if anyone still plays footy in Brisbane? I'm looking to get back into it after I get a bit more fit and maybe a little bigger (only 73kgs) and was wondering about the quality of competitions here because to be honest, I'm not very good and haven't played since I was 14. I'm...
  16. Cult3

    Your Anzac Test Teams

    Everyone on here loves naming teams so we may as well have one for the Anzac Test. Tim Sheens is apparently putting a broom through the older players to make room for Robbie Farah and probably Luke Brooks as well. I feel like there's going to be a lot of weird selections this year.
  17. Cult3

    2015 Ladder Prediction

    I think it's time for everyone to guess where the teams will finish by the end of the year before the season starts. I've gone through the draw and guessed who will win each game and made my own ladder from it. Probably way off but I didn't do too badly last year. 1 North QLD Cowboys 2 Penrith...
  18. Cult3

    Rep Weekend

    If you guys were in charge how would you schedule the NRL Rep Weekend?
  19. Cult3

    NRL Trade Period Does anyone think this is necessary? Do players leaving have such a dramatic effect on the team? How would you guys change it?
  20. Cult3

    OFFICIAL Hodges to Captain Brisbane in 2015

    Justin Hodges has won the captaincy over Parker and Thaiday, according to Peter Badel on Twitter.

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