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  1. Alec

    Next 8 rounds

    Round 9 - Manly ("Away") Round 10 - Roosters (Home) Round 11 - Warriors (Away) Round 13 - Titans (Home) Round 14 - Eels (Away) Round 15 - Knights (Away) Round 16 - Sharks (Away) Round 17 - Warriors (Home) To be a decent chance for a Top 8 finish, we probably need to win 6/8 (ie. 8 / 16 in...
  2. Alec

    Kodi Nikorima appreciation thread

    Is he the right halfback? Is he not the right halfback? Who cares. He's a fucking little gun and tries his little hobbit heart out. Gotta find room for him somewhere in the side at all times.
  3. Alec

    South Sydney and Michael Maguire part ways

    Michael Maguire sacked by the Rabbitohs apparently
  4. Alec

    Shoulder charge rule

    So players just keep getting away with it. Why even have this fucking rule?
  5. Alec

    Sam Thaiday

    I've been a huge critic of his, but **** me, he's been killing it for the last few weeks. Like, we all thought he was good for a while last year, but this is an even bigger resurgence. Hope he keeps it up! :takdir:
  6. Alec

    40 Worst Buys in NRL "history"

    40 WORST BUYS IN NRL HISTORY | Rugby League Week 40. CHRIS THORMAN (Eels, 2004) 39. ANTHONY TUPOU (Sharks, 2009-present) 38. LEON BOTT (Sharks, 2006) 37. JOEL MOON (Warriors, 2009-11) 36. WILLIE PETERS (Dragons, 2001-02) 35. RICHARD SWAIN (Broncos, 2003) 34. GEORGE ROSE (Storm, 2014) 33. JOE...
  7. Alec

    Rate the 2014 Broncos signings

    It has been over half a season already. How would you rate them out of 10? Daniel Vidot - 10/10. One of our best buys in a long time. Came cheap and has been one of our best players on the wing. Imagine how good he'd be with a proper half on that side. Todd Lowrie - 6/10. I expected him to...
  8. Alec

    Granville Discussion

    Hunt really benefited from the much faster service Granville gave him. No more kicking with defenders right in his face, all the time in the world with the ball in hand...
  9. Alec

    Hoffman in the halves

    Yeah, and this is why we need to bring in an actual half instead. So Barba can play his natural game, Hoffman can stop ruining our attack...and I don't care how inexperienced they are, they'll learn and we'll create actual depth.
  10. Alec

    Most overrated NRL XIII?

    Who do people think are the 13 most overrated players to make up a side are? Mine: 1. Darius Boyd (at fullback) 2. Ashley Graham 3. Will Chambers 4. Josh Morris 5. Jorge Taufua 6. Corey Norman (apparently he's a massive loss) 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Adam Blair 9. John Morris (I guess, I honestly...
  11. Alec

    The right to bag the Broncos halves

    Hoffman is a fine fullback. With proper halves. Unfortunately (and in no way his fault), he's stuck with 2 barely FG standard guys at the Broncos, so his style just doesn't suit the team.
  12. Alec

    Martin Kennedy

    Are we going to have another Inglis situation? NSW should just accept that you have to let people play for who they want to... don't force them like Nazis.
  13. Alec

    Roosters vs Tigers *end game Spoilers*

    Rosters won after 100 minutes of play. Is it just me, or are these the absolute dumbest sides you've ever seen? It was incredible to watch, but the sheer stupidity was amazing.
  14. Alec

    Kenny And White In Test Jersey Race

    Don't think it's been posted anywhere. Personally, I don't think he should be picked for Australia (but he still definitely deserves it more than someone like Josh Perry for example), but damn I'd be happy to see him actually do it.
  15. Alec

    Ben Ikin walks from Channel Nine ... 21,00.html Could this day get any better?
  16. Alec

    Best plot twists in movies?

    I just watched Memento, and the ending (or should I say the beginning [icon_razz1 ) really made me think about some of the amazing plot twists I've seen in movies. My top 3: 1) The Sixth Sense - Pretty obvious one, but it's obvious because it was really good. 2) The Usual Suspects 3) Memento...
  17. Alec

    Man tries to Pay bill with Spider Drawing

    Should have also mentioned that to actually see the emails that went back and forth (ie. get the most out of the article) you actually have to follow the link. [icon_razz1 It's definitely hillarious stuff though.
  18. Alec

    Warriors sign another Bronco ... d=10517637 --------- They definitely look like the QLD Warriors now. Anyway Moon had lots of promise, but has failed to deliver it at the Broncos....Maybe this is a tiny sign that Hunt will be the future 5/8th and not Moon, when Lockyer goes?

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