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  1. Roberts found guilty

    Re: Roberts chances at the judiciary? Blatant and stupid, regardless of how hard he kicked he got what he deserved. Probably should be out for his public acts of stupidity anyway, so maybe the guy learns at least one lesson this season.
  2. PRE-GAME Round 8 - Broncos vs Eels

    1. Kahu 2. Eden 3. Copley 4. Oates 5. Maranta 6. Milford 7. Hunt 8. McGuire 9. McCullough 10. Blair 11. Gillett 12. Thaiday 13. Parker 14. Nikorima 15. Garbutt 16. Wallace 17. Ofa
  3. POST GAME Round 3 - Broncos vs Cowboys

    Definitely some positives to take out of the game, Cowboys were awful bit as has been pointed out Sharks were last week but we didn't put them away. Reed is not a first grade player deadset the amount of times he got the ball and went diagonal back in field was ridiculous, Cowboys were...
  4. What Role Should Adam Blair Play In The Team?

    Blair's role should be cutting the oranges for the under 20's, bloke is a deadset nuffy and comes from a long line of players who looked a million bucks under Bellamy and was almost instantly found out to be nowhere near the player he was in that system.
  5. Where are the wingers?

    Our wing stocks are atrocious. We have one good one at the club (Oates) the rest are either mistake prone (Vidot, Maranta), not wingers (Kahu, Copley, Reed). The lack of either development of modern day types (larger and taller and generally more robust) is very clear and only Oates ticks...
  6. PRE-GAME Round 3 - Broncos vs Cowboys

    If Bennett has told Blair not to run, he is a bigger relic than I thought. Good waste of a spot in your team all that does is put way too much on the shoulders of McGuire and Parker as well as the bench props. Even the "sure-up" defensive props make hitups, Blair is just being lazy. But if...
  7. What Role Should Adam Blair Play In The Team?

    I lol at the theory he doesn't make hitups coz he passes prior to the line, he had a grand total of 6 touches against Cronulla which means he ran once and shoveled on to the next bloke ineffectively 5 times.........what an impact. The guy is crap and was an horrendous signing based on the...
  8. PRE-GAME Round 3 - Broncos vs Cowboys

    1. Kahu 2. Maranta 3. Oates 4. Hodges 5. Vidot 6. Milford 7. Hunt 8. Wallace 9. McCullough 10. McGuire 11. Thaiday 12. Gillett 13. Parker 14. Nikorima 15. Ofa 16. Blair 17. Glenn
  9. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    On Oates I am in complete agreement. Playing him out in the backs improves the backs (given the other options) and gives one of our best young players 80 minutes a week instead of very limited time off the bench because lets face it our backrow is far better with good depth than our outside backs.
  10. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    For now: 1. Kahu 2. Maranta 3. Oates 4. Hodges 5. Vidot 6. Milford 7. Hunt Full strength: 1. Boyd 2. Oates 3. Copley 4. Hodges 5. Vidot/Kahu/Maranta (pick on form) 6. Milford 7. Hunt Oates doesn't need to be in the pack he is a better option than all our 3/4'ss except Hodges...
  11. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    You don't scramble much when your opponent makes 2 line breaks and offloads 7 times all game, that is a fact. Keeping the Sharks tryless is not a top effort on what they dished up last night they were completely inept with the ball the only play they have is Gallen gets in the way and does it...
  12. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    I am not saying anyone is wrong I just find it hard to see how some people are taking anything positive out of that game, it was awful to watch. Neither side looked capable of scoring (our two tries came off a half dropped offload and a dropped ball by Feki and their only points came from a...
  13. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    Also letting in no tries is not miraculous if all you are doing is making square one on one tackles that is just doing your job. Sharks barely got into space coz they were awful so the Broncos never really even had to scramble.
  14. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    Showed pretty decent attack haha that will do me! Going one out to Gallen, Fifita and Graham is not pretty decent attack, it is predictable. There was a grand total of 3 line breaks in that game, not due to great defense but due to completely uninspired and uncreative attack, neither side...
  15. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    Blair was shit and he is spot on about that, who gives a shit how many tackles he makes when as a prop half your job is to take one run a set while you are out there, he took 1 run in total that is gutless and shows exactly how crap the guy has actually become. It was a Mitchell Dodds type...
  16. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    I know it isn't comparing apples and apples but James Graham had 13 runs for 85m in 25 minutes last night, Blair had 1 for 7m in that time (and turns out in total for the game). That is unacceptable and points to two things, one that Blair is obviously not putting in and looking for the ball...
  17. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    Don't bother with the replay we were shit they were just more shit than we were. It was a bottom 4 battle at best.
  18. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    He has got progressively worse both in attack and defense since his breakout year. Guy is an absolute nuffy who wouldn't make any other full strength NRL backline which just demonstrates how bad ours is.
  19. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    It was bequeathed to me by a very wise man.
  20. POST GAME Round 2 - Sharks vs Broncos

    Also that was not some heroic defensive display. It was Cronulla the worst attacking side on the planet, Kahu made one great tackle on Bukuya but besides that they were even less threatening than us. Gallen is their most creative player and he is a thick head lock with no creativity, Barba and...

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