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  1. Purple Pills

    NEWS The moment Capewell became a Broncos Believer

    I look forward to hearing the commentators constantly refer to him as Luke Capewell ad nauseam during games in 2022
  2. Purple Pills

    Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    Which makes it even more bizarre that the club and the NRL want them to be known only as the dolphins so that they aren’t tied down to one specific geographical area. The flip side of that is a team with no geographical identity is easier for fans to jump off the bandwagon when the area they...
  3. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL 2021 Paul Morgan Medal

    He is punching big time as well Might have to start calling him David Donagamble
  4. Purple Pills

    NRL Player Movements & Rumours - 2022

    He also doubles as a comedian ‘Kikau’s price could go to $1 million’ Good one George 😂 For perspective, imagine paying that ill disciplined, inconsistent flat track highlight reel bully the same amount that Penrith are paying for Nathan Cleary.
  5. Purple Pills

    NEWS Milford arrested

    Not sure what the bigger scandal is…. The fact that charges of violence have been laid against no ticker Milford or the fact a guy who has been on a cool $1 million/yr the past 4 years is still living at Forest fucking Lake
  6. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL 2021 Paul Morgan Medal

    Is there a WAG of the Year category?
  7. Purple Pills

    NEWS Xavier Coates may have played his last game for the Broncos

    Picture this scenario… It’s Mid June and all of us BHQ members have gone into a coma (probably from having to watch us play week to week) and we all awake at the same moment in the same hospital on the 4th of October. The first thing we overhear the nurse say upon all of us coming to is ‘gee...
  8. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Broncos sign Corey Jensen

    HUGE SIGNING!!! This is exactly the kind of signing the fans have been waiting for after freeing up all these funds 🙄🙄🙄 We should have at least freed up the following funds for 2022 (values are a rough approximation only based on an average of various sources) - Milford ($950,000) - Part of...
  9. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Gamble re-signs

    People only hate it when their team is on the receiving end of it. Absolutely loved Michael Ennis when he was a Bronco, absolutely despised the prick when he was an opposition. You need a player like that in the squad. Even if it’s just to spark the team into life. Sometimes when a team is down...
  10. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Gamble re-signs

    If Milford had Gamble’s passion and competitive drive, Milford would have had a 5 year extension tabled to him this year
  11. Purple Pills

    POST GAME Round 14 - Raiders vs Broncos

    I can handle losing, it’s the constant not being even semi competitive in games that is making me feel really disillusioned lately and struggling to sit through entire games anymore. The state of all of the Queensland based NRL clubs as well as the Maroons is very concerning. All the...
  12. Purple Pills

    POST GAME Round 11 - Roosters vs Broncos

    I honestly believe Manu didn’t get binned because Radley had already been binned twice and the game was already becoming a farce so they let it slide. They can enforce this crackdown all they want but the inconsistencies are already glaringly obvious. The reason why Lodge got binned was the...
  13. Purple Pills

    POST GAME Round 10 - Sea Eagles vs Broncos

    The Panthers who is the one team that don’t need a leg up haven’t even played their biggest rivals and derby game against the Eels once. In fact they don’t even get them until Round 16. Also look at their draw for the first 16 rounds in general. Farcical
  14. Purple Pills

    POST GAME Round 10 - Sea Eagles vs Broncos

    I wonder if he would have done the same if it was Seibold’s broncos that was on the end of that? I’d hazard a guess he would have focused solely how bad we played
  15. Purple Pills

    POST GAME Round 10 - Sea Eagles vs Broncos

    Was your principal Kevin Spacey?
  16. Purple Pills

    Dear NRL HQ & the media...

    If they do change it mid round how in the **** does that comply with the integrity of fair competition? Tonight has been an utter farce in both games and has completely killed the entire mood of magic round. The even bigger farce will be when coaches start coaching players to fall in tackles to...
  17. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Adam Reynolds Becomes A Bronco From 2022

    I said it in another thread but this is the exact carbon copy of when we let Petero walk out the door because of an insulting offer at the end of 2007. Calling it now, this will derail South’s premiership tilt this year. The fact he left to come to us of all teams will just inflame the...
  18. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Adam Reynolds Becomes A Bronco From 2022

    I remember saying to myself at the time when it was reported Kev and Dave were flying down to give their pitch, that it’s probably in vain but I can be appeased knowing we at least tried to do everything within our control to make it happen and I can’t be mad about that. I was more thinking it...
  19. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Adam Reynolds Becomes A Bronco From 2022

    Imagine for a second that you are the CEO of an NRL club that has just recently sacked its coach (one who had been making the finals each year) with the main reasoning being that the new incoming rookie coach is more likely to attract players to the club. Now imagine you had arguably the best...
  20. Purple Pills

    OFFICIAL Adam Reynolds will join the Broncos in 2022

    That tends to happen when you have an $800k origin forward coming off the bench

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