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  1. bb_gun

    Why isn't the NRL draw made random?

    Why don't they randomise the draw and make it fair for all teams? Why are certain teams given an easy run to aid them towards the finals? Tell me it's not rigged to favour certain sides? It's stupid that we have to play certain teams twice just because the NRL and Nine think it will draw more...
  2. bb_gun

    Matt Cecchin

    I hate to blame any loss on the referees, but he's bad right? Very one sided in any game that he referees.
  3. bb_gun

    Racism in the NRL

    What scum. The NRL really needs to come down hard on people who do this, I doubt they can publicly name and shame them but they should at least be copping hefty fines and lengthy bans. The same punishments should also apply to the social media trolls, regardless of whether racism is involved or...
  4. bb_gun

    Jamal Idris ---> Panthers

    Jamal Idris has left the Titans, likely to sign with Penrith. No Cookies | The Courier-Mail
  5. bb_gun

    Finals Week 1 - Broncos vs. Sharks - Pre-Match Discussion

    Saturday, September 14th 2013 Allianz Stadium 7:45pm
  6. bb_gun

    How would you manage our bench?

    It’s been pointed out quite a bit on BHQ that Griffin’s use of the bench is sometimes questionable so I’ve decided to start a thread dedicated to everyone’s opinions on how they would make better use of our bench players.
  7. bb_gun

    HOAX Broncos Announcement

    Oh no! Look what’s just been announced at the Broncos. ""

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