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  1. Foordy

    NEWS The moment Capewell became a Broncos Believer

    Kurt Capewell reveals the moment that convinced him to sign with us. “The game we played them in Brisbane (Round 6, 2021) was so tight and after that game, I thought ‘they’re not far off here’,” Capewell said. “Once they got (South Sydney playmaker Adam) Reynolds, that was a massive signing as...
  2. Foordy

    NEWS "It's finals or fail" - Adam Reynolds

    Adam Reynolds on his first "official" day as a Brisbane Broncos. ARey says: “Anything less than that (finals) is a fail for us,” Reynolds said. “I look around the squad and I get some confidence out of players that I’ve been lucky enough to play against. “I’m lucky enough now to stand...
  3. Foordy

    NEWS Broncos opportunity takes Quai-Ward from childhood fan to player

    Broncos opportunity takes Quai-Ward from childhood fan to player Colleen Edwards QRL content producer Tue 30 Nov 2021, 03:49 PM Growing up in Wagga Wagga, Ethan Quai-Ward was different from most other kids he knew as he dreamed of one day being a Brisbane Broncos player. Nowadays, that dream...
  4. Foordy

    NEWS Broncos to be inspired by history in 2022

    Broncos to be inspired by history in 2022 Wed 17 Nov 2021, 01:20 PM Broncos Football & Performance Director Ben Ikin is looking to the past to help shape the future at Red Hill. Since commencing in his new role, Ikin has rekindled his partnership with coach Kevin Walters, two...
  5. Foordy

    NEWS Matured Haas happy for Reynolds to lead team in 2022

    Matured Haas happy for Reynolds to lead team in 2022 Alicia Newton Reporter Tue 16 Nov 2021, 02:01 PM He's been Brisbane's best player to take home the club's major award in the past three seasons but Payne Haas says Adam Reynolds is the man to guide the Broncos into a new era. Haas...
  6. Foordy

    Should a Draft be introduced in the NRL?

    the question has been on the table this off season, probably due to the record number of blowouts in the 2021 season. the main obstacle to introducing a draft is the High Court ruling in the Terry Hill case in 1991, where it was the draft was ruled a restraint of trade Wayne Bennett is a...
  7. Foordy

    NEWS Ikin lifts lid on Broncos’ roster strategy as Brisbane welcome Dolphins rivalry

    Ikin on rebuilding the roster: “We wanted some senior guys that could educate that big group of young talented players how to be professionals,” Ikin said on SEN’s Pat and Heals radio show. Adam Reynolds ticks that box, Kurt Capewell ticks that box. “Ryan James was just a really quality...
  8. Foordy

    VOTE Potential 18th team?

    There is an article by Dean Ritchie published by the Courier Mail talking about the Perth Reds continuing their fight to be re-admitted to the competition. so it got me thinking ... while the 17th team hasn't even played their first game yet, IMO, it won't be too long before the NRL add an...
  9. Foordy

    NEWS Broncos, Titans told to step up and ensure game is not forgotten in Brisbane’s western corridor

    Vlandy's is calling on us and the Titans to step it up and ensure the AFL don't win the battle for the western corridor after the expansion licence went to the Dolphins instead of the Jets. here is what he says: “The Broncos and Titans now have to step up,” V’landys said. “They have got to...
  10. Foordy

    Panthers allegedly damage premiership trophy

    I was going to post this in the hot water thread ... but think it deserves it's own. Fox Sports are reporting that the NRL are investigating the Panthers for damaging the Premiership Trophy, after photo's of the badly damaged trophy have emerged on social media. The images show the Norm...
  11. Foordy

    OFFICIAL 2021 Paul Morgan Medal

    Rookie of the Year: Kobe Hethrington Most Consistent: Jake Turpin Best Back: Herbie Farnworth Best Forward: Payne Haas Play of the Year: Round 16 vs Sharks - Payne Haas stopping try in 80th minute Club Person of the Year: Eloise Kelly (Commercial Partnerships & Game Day Manager) & David...
  12. Foordy

    NEWS NRL Player Salaries

    There is an interesting article in the SMH about player salaries. they've obtained a document that gets sent to clubs each year. the clubs use it to keep agents honest about the worth of their players (although some clubs obviously get it wrong) there is data of the average value of each player...
  13. Foordy

    OFFICIAL Niu Remains A Bronco For Two More Years

    Niu Remains A Bronco For Two More Years Fri 13 Aug 2021, 03:27 PM Electric fullback Tesi Niu will remain a Brisbane Bronco for another two years. Niu, a Queenslander who turned 20 this week, has already made 18 NRL appearances including 12 this season, making an impressive 37...
  14. Foordy

    NEWS 30-plus contract calls in 10 months to reshape Broncos roster

    30-plus contract calls in 10 months to reshape Broncos roster Dan Walsh Reporter 12 Aug 2021, 05:31 PM It has taken more than 30 individual roster moves and a small nation's GDP in salary cap shifting, but Kevin Walters finally has a Broncos outfit that feels like his own after 10...
  15. Foordy

    NEWS Riki receives personal mentoring from the Raging Bull

    Jordan Riki has revealed how personal mentoring from Gordon Tallis helped inspire his barnstorming display in the QLD derby on Friday. Jordan Riki says: “When ‘Kevvie’ (coach Kevin Walters) first started, he got me in contact with Gordie and I’ve had chats with him over the phone,” Riki said...
  16. Foordy

    Ben Ikin talks salary cap

    I think this deserves it's own thread for discussion but instead of letting Badel's hyperbole to infect the thread. i'll just post Ben Ikin's own words: Ben Ikin on Lodge's departure: “Matt’s payout gets amortised over the length of the existing deal, the NRL will allow that,” Ikin said. “We...
  17. Foordy

    OFFICIAL Hetherington Re-Signs
  18. Foordy

    NEWS Selwyn Cobbo rejected 5 clubs to stay loyal to Brisbane

    As we know, Cobbo signed an extension until the end of 2023. The Courier Mail reporting that he had 5 rival NRL clubs chasing him, including the Dragons who rated him the best backline talent they had seen in Queensland in 10 years. I wanted to share some quotes with you guys. He seems like a...
  19. Foordy

    NEWS Titans lead revolt against expansion

    12 of the 16 clubs have commissioned an independent report on the impact of expansion the NRL also commissioned a report in 2019. the NRL have not released the findings of this report, which has clubs concerned. Vlandys told the Australian the the club's understanding of the report was...
  20. Foordy

    NEWS Vlandys (and Abdo) want to divide the competition

    A report in the SMH saying that there is talk within the NRL to expand to 18 teams and create a conference system. they'd expand to 18 be still neglecting Perth ... they'll add a second NZ team instead. the NRL think is will increase revenue .. and well, it works in America, so why wouldn't...

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