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  1. ivanhungryjak

    2019 Broncos Season Review

    I think you got bigger problems, bud. We stunk it up big time in 2019 yet your shitshow still couldn’t beat us in two attempts.
  2. ivanhungryjak

    2019 Ashes discussion

    I'm too scared to go to bed and try my luck with the missus...
  3. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Finals Week One - Eels vs Broncos

    I’m thankfully not watching anymore but I’m gonna listen to our genius coach in the presser. That’ll be the best entertainment today.
  4. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Finals Week One - Eels vs Broncos

    I’m with you. If you’re still watching the rabble, you the real MVP.
  5. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Finals Week One - Eels vs Broncos

    Cummins, you wanker.
  6. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Finals Week One - Eels vs Broncos

    This is where a good captain would fire these pricks up
  7. ivanhungryjak

    PRE-GAME Finals Week 1 - Eels vs Broncos

    Ladbrokes gave me some free cash last night so i put it on the Storm. I've just put a few bucks on the Eels so that should get us home.
  8. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE NRL - Finals Week 1

    Yep, I love it. For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was the bullshit Billy Slater "dropkick" try. It's just good to get a crap decision go the other way for once.
  9. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE NRL - Finals Week 1

    How come we get penalised for throwing the ball forward out to end the game. Canberra does it - all good.
  10. ivanhungryjak

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    I'm not sure that's right. Firstly, we did have cap issues if you believe the coach. Secondly, if Roberts comes to White and says, "I'm not happy here but if you don't want to release me, I'll hang around Q Cup and collect my pay cheque", we'd be better off taking a hit to get rid of him. Not...
  11. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE NRL - Finals Week 1

    Well, you’ve got to hand it to Wayne and JD. 30 point loss last year, they’ve knocked that back to 24 this year...
  12. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE NRL - Finals Week 1

    I’m with Billy. There has to have been at least a bit of downward pressure there. But that’s how they’ve been ruling all season, I guess.
  13. ivanhungryjak

    Famous songs in famous movies

    Not a song per se but this was big back in the day.
  14. ivanhungryjak

    Finals week one: starring the almighty Brisbane Broncos

    Poor old Jamayne gonna get a Sivo ass-reaming..
  15. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Round 25 - Bulldogs vs Broncos

    Every. Frigging. Time.
  16. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Round 25 Discussion

    They are consistently inconsistent...
  17. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Round 25 Discussion

    No. Whoever edited Michael Beutner's Wikipedia deserves a medal for this little nugget though.
  18. ivanhungryjak

    LIVE Round 25 Discussion

    Can someone explain to me how a player who hits a halfback a fraction of a second late does time yet another one hits a player without the ball and gets waved through?

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