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  1. Dazza 92

    PRE-GAME [Round 16, 2022] Broncos vs Cowboys

    Reynolds the key - you can watch this sequence and imagine how much smoother this set would have gone with him running the set. Nice quick play the ball and switch around the ruck to move Melbournes defence.. Mam doesnt dig too far into the line here but bodies in motion with good clean...
  2. Dazza 92

    PRE-GAME [Round 16, 2022] Broncos vs Cowboys

    Cowboys just do the 1 % every game, its a small thing but really adds up over the course of a season. This will be a great test for us, same with the Cows. Both clubs had heaps of Origin players involved flying back from Perth, so it might be light on quality but regardless i ask for a 80...
  3. Dazza 92

    OFFICIAL Cobbo Extends With Broncos Until 2025

    Im very glad to hear the kids locked down for a few more years. Assume he is taking some of Lees money when he goes to the Dolphins next year. Look, lets be realistic, no club will ever be able to have a 30 player roster where every single contract is exactly right and represents absolute...
  4. Dazza 92

    PRE-GAME [Round 16, 2022] Broncos vs Cowboys

    Could explain why the news broke a few weeks ago that Turpin is free to leave...
  5. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [Round 15, 2022] Broncos vs Storm

    Bit concerned about Riki too, but then again having patience and faith with Carrigan and Flegler are now proving astute. Id give Riki time here... But the club have genuine options on the edge too, which is a great position to be in. Piakura will be a bona-fide international player 2 weeks...
  6. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [Round 15, 2022] Broncos vs Storm

    He is really a half isnt he..? Paix and Mozer hooker rotation is unproven though. Geez id love to think this is precisely what happens for the next 3-5 years. But, then i see the impact Arey has had both on the club and the development of Mam. Imagine, for instance, Cook having a few years...
  7. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [Round 15, 2022] Broncos vs Storm

    Mams got a spot in our halfs for life now.....cant see how you can take him out of this team now...great effort. Nice to see Tyrone get some game time, yet again another astute bit of business by our front office. Break in case of emergency type but im glad we have him.. No wonder Turps is...
  8. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [Round 14, 2022] Broncos vs Raiders

    Kevin Walters.. That's a hell of a team youve created here Sir...
  9. Dazza 92

    PRE-GAME [Round 14, 2022] Broncos vs Raiders

    Canberra attack with their left hand edge the most, they score 41% of their tries on that edge. Brisbanes right hand edge in defence with Staggs has only conceded 14 tries all year. Only the Cows and Penrith have conceded fewer on that same edge.. So Brenkos got a job on his hands then if we...
  10. Dazza 92


    I did believe that Mam would end the season wearing the number 6....didnt think he'd be entrenched as Areys half partner this soon.. I think its arguably a bit early for this to happen but Mam has my 100% support to take the hard lumps hes gunna face.. Long term though....this is going to...
  11. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [2022 State of Origin - Game I] NSW vs QLD

    Geez im impressed with how Slater managed the game last night. We've seen it with Bennett a few years ago; put Fittler up against a coach with half a brain and plenty of Origin playing experience and he struggles. For mine these 2 gentleman swung the game back into QLDs favour when they came...
  12. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [Round 12, 2022] Broncos vs Titans

    well...just heard that Blake Mozer has re-signed with the club.....theres the future no9 right there...
  13. Dazza 92

    POST GAME [Round 12, 2022] Broncos vs Titans

    Titans keep finding new ways to undermine themselves; first their halfback Sexton got hurt and was removed, then 2 players got themsleves sin-binned within 2 minutes of each other. Brisbane then finally got their first try. Then, Fifita scored straight after - imagine if the Titans didnt go...
  14. Dazza 92

    VOTE Where does Payne go from here?

    hes done a diservice to his professional career, if we get one put on us tonight by the Titans, guess who gets the blame for it...
  15. Dazza 92

    NEWS Payne Haas retracts immediate release from Broncos then

    Its a huge silver lining alright - make no mistake, we STILL need NRL quality and above spine players that align with Areys timeframe with us. But, you look at the cap and its hard to make the numbers work...and now this... I can now see how the Brocnos get a very good fullback or hooker next...
  16. Dazza 92

    NEWS Payne Haas retracts immediate release from Broncos then

    You are, after all, the company you keep. You know, i was on this site trumpeting the benefits of keeping Haas with this group of forwards as they hit their prime together, simply because he was a generational talent. However, he's also a dumb ****. I retract everything i said about the guy...
  17. Dazza 92

    NEWS Payne Haas retracts immediate release from Broncos then

    I think its more the advice hes getting in the echo chamber the blokes clearly built around him. Same with Fifita. This club will no longer be blackmailed. A few years ago we were all about Haas; not any longer. Let Haas stand in front of his team mates and explain why he wants more money to...
  18. Dazza 92

    NEWS Payne Haas retracts immediate release from Broncos then

    Now we will see the benefit of a fit for purpose and switched on front office. Does Haas's team actually think they are dealing with the 2020 Broncos front office? A marker will be put down here by the club, one which will set the standard of all future demands from players
  19. Dazza 92

    OFFICIAL Badel was Right - Herbie Farnworth agrees to a one year extension with the Broncos

    Didnt the media say that Staggs re-signing was contingent on him getting first dibs at the #6? How did that turn out? I dont care whats said at the point of them signing a contract. Just get a contract signed. Then let the rest work itself out. TMM is most definately a long term option at...
  20. Dazza 92

    OPINION Broncos ‘Set to’ Win Cobbo's Signature. Badel warning.

    Will be very interesting if we get any sort of confirmaiton on this deal. Frankly, anything below $400K a year for Cobbo is excellent business. Might be a bit expensive today, but given his current rate of development, he could be outperforming that contract by years end. Also, if he does play...

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