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  1. Mr Fourex

    Proud Dad Moments

    18 yro Fourex has been shopping around for his first car over the last few months. He's settled on a Mitsubishi Express LWB Van. Previously he and his mates had been sussing out inspections themselves. This weekend his mates are away.......Fourex jnr had inspected this one himself during the...
  2. Mr Fourex

    Gordon Tallis is a knob ........

    Seems like this place is screaming out for one of these threads...... He was a fantastic footballer to watch. Shame he is such a fuckwit to listen to.......
  3. Mr Fourex

    Should we come up with a replacement word for **** ?

    I hate to be like those cocksuckers on LU.....but their word for **** is merkin and seems to get used regularly enough that most of the population knows it's meaning. Should we make up a BHQ word for ****? So sick of these ridiculous edits that we have to constantly endure every time somebody...
  4. Mr Fourex

    Kieran Foran .......should we?

    I'm hearing the Bulldogs are considering letting him go...... Should we chase him? I think he'd respond well to WB and Brisbane's culture. He'd take a fair bit of heat of Milf.
  5. Mr Fourex

    Goal Post Padding

    The size of the goal post pad is getting ridiculous. Congratulations NRL for once again taking something that was simple and pure, and turning it into a clusterfuck.
  6. Mr Fourex

    To circumcise or not to circumcise….that is the question.

    I’ve done a small amount of research on the topic but thought, why not ask the vast intellect quarry of BHQ, what they reckon. My mrs is hell bent on getting my sons, aged 16 & 12, circumcised. A mixture of misunderstood cultural beliefs and irrational personal preferences, compels her to feel...
  7. Mr Fourex

    Bit Coin/s

    What's the skinny on Bitcoins? I seem to be reading about it a lot lately on how I can supposedly pay off all my debt and quit my job in a little under 5 yrs. Naturally this interests me...... That said, I'm also by nature quite cynical and anything that sounds too good to be true usually is...
  8. Mr Fourex

    How much better do we look now with a REAL dummyhalf

    Do you think the Dragons would notice if we gave them Andrew McCullough instead of Ben Hunt?
  9. Mr Fourex

    NSW 2018

    So.....where do these hopeless pricks go from here. Dry your eyes for a second BMan and offer us your thoughts.
  10. Mr Fourex

    Name Your Latest & Greatest Android App

    Being a relative android rookie ......I'm keen to hear what apps are working for you and what you would recommend. I'm enjoying nova launcher prime, BlackPlayer (music) & the BOM radar. Bit annoyed with either google maps or android (not sure which one is responsible) on the car audio GPS...
  11. Mr Fourex

    Powerline vs wi-fi adaptors

    What say ye...? My USB wifi adaptor is continually giving me the shits.....thinking about trying a powerline adaptor
  12. Mr Fourex

    MS Office software

    How many others have to use ms office...the cloud....onedrive.....onedrive for business etc etc? If I had access to firearms, some days I'd go completely postal. It's great when everything works and is in sync and does what it's supposed to do....., but its a **** teasing state of utopia that...
  13. Mr Fourex

    SPLIT Browser Wars

    IE10 ....... :rolleyes:
  14. Mr Fourex

    Clean up - PC has virus/s

    BHQ Tech team unite ........!!! I have been tasked with trying to clean up the mrs laptop. Her and the kids play games and stuff and download all sorts of shit on it. It now appears to have multiple pop-ups and a weird browser re-direct thing happening. What would be your method of...
  15. Mr Fourex

    Earthquake !!!!

    5.2 magnitude earthquake rocks Queensland ? buildings shaken on the Gold Coast | Gold Coast Bulletin I didn't feel anything .....? :noidea:
  16. Mr Fourex

    Drivers whining about drivers

    I've been secretly conducting a roads & traffic based experiment since September last year. It's long been a penchant of mine to drive almost exclusively in the fast lane (the right hand lane). Anyway....the breakdown of lane hogs (out of 10) is as follows. p.s a lane hog is described as one...
  17. Mr Fourex

    Portable Music Players

    I guess what I'm after in earlier terms is a portable CD player. But **** that, Fourex don't use CD's no more man.....he's got his PC loaded with MP3 's that can play on one continuous loop. I want to stick those mp3's on a USB drive and plug it into "something" to take with me anywhere...
  18. Mr Fourex

    Have David Smith and Paul Gallen Ruined State of Origin ?

    There should have been a punch up in last Wednesday nights match and pre-David Smith, there would have been. What should have occurred, was an all out brawl....a place for the players to rid themselves of the hyperbole built up by the week long media barrage. Blow off steam ....have a...
  19. Mr Fourex

    Ex-Broncos Players Discussion

    Sacking Peter Wallace was also one of Griffin's better ideas. I know we're still warming up and struggling with a few things out there, but geez... we look a lot more promising without the red headed numpty running around derping things up.
  20. Mr Fourex

    BHQ's Bars & Restaurant Guide

    I searched the threads ....but couldn't find anything, soooo introducing BHQ's very own version of the urban spoon !!! :eating: Doesn't have to be "fancy" ....but please, no advice on which Maccas has the best quarter pounders. The Roman Empire Restaurant Shop 1/742 Creek Rd, Carindale...

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