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    What are your cooked NRL ideas?

    Agree with this one.... I hate they call them by their first names, it just comes across as being too familiar/friendly with the players and as a result I don't think players respect the refs, it should be jersey numbers only.
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    PRE-GAME PRE-GAME [Round 9, 2023] Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but it is Annersley in May last year explaining what they look for in a "hip drop"...... perhaps it has changed since then...
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    OFFICIAL Carrigan signs until 2028

    Great news. He will be 30 years old when this contract runs out, so hopefully we will see him as a one club player and also a multiple premiership winning captain.
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    NRL General Discussion Thread

    So I thought I had gone far enough into that video to watch this, but it turns out it was the end of the reserve grade game I had found..... which itself was a spiteful affair, have a look at about the 4hr on the recording for the last 20 minutes. One stand out moment is about 4hr 18min where...
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    CRICKET NEWS Second Test- Australia v West Indies

    It's very difficult to compare players from one era Vs another era, no doubt Marnus is off to a great start to his career, but when it comes to selecting lists of the all time best or selecting best ever XI's, I prefer to do that once a player's career is over. IMO Marnus has to go on and prove...
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    22/23 Off season - what must be done?

    I'm really hoping for the offseason that we don't have too many players on a plane to UK for the World Cup.... they need a proper rest and a full offseason to get over injuries, get fitter, work on getting the squad back on the same page and buying back into what Kevvie had them believing...
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    Will we ever be rid of V'landys?

    If the only coverage ends up being on 9 and Stan Sport I think that's when I give up on the sport.
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    PRE-GAME [Round 25, 2022] Broncos vs Dragons

    I think if he takes the early guilty plea it is only the $3,000 fine, but if they contest the charge and don't get a downgrade he gets the two weeks.
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    PRE-GAME [Round 24, 2022] Broncos vs Eels

    Looks like Jensen is starting and Palasia off the bench on team lists
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    PRE-GAME [Round 24, 2022] Broncos vs Eels

    After watching that I'm convinced now, the boys will be up for it, Bronx by 1 in golden point with a Reyno field goal.
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2022

    According to the Courier Mail Gamble has been given permission to negotiate with other clubs..... I guess we've seen the last of him in a Broncos jersey then?
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    PRE-GAME [Round 1, 2022] - Broncos v Rabbitohs

    I feel like Kev will go Turps to start, based on experience and nothing else
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    PRE-GAME [Round 1, 2022] - Broncos v Rabbitohs

    Long time lurker and occasional poster, based on trial form this is close to what I expect to see round 1, but not exactly what I want to see..... Cobbo Oates Brenko Staggs Pereira Walters/Kelly Reynolds Haas Turps Carrigan Glory Hole Riki Hetherington Paix James Palasia/Robati/Kennedy Jensen
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    NRL General Discussion Thread

    Seems a bit of a funny one to me and as per many things lately from the NRL pretty inconsistent... offside in the opposition's 40 is now a penalty, but holding down or ruck infringement will remain a 6 again? Sounds to me like teams won't be getting caught offside in the opposition's 40, they...
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    The Dolphins discussion

    I might be out of the loop on this, but what was the reasoning behind them not being able to be called Redcliffe Dolphins??
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    Q-Cup Queensland Cup 2021

    So I just saw that the QCup prelims will be the curtain raiser/s on NRL GF day.... how good!!!
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    [Round 19, 2021] Panthers vs Broncos

    60-0 a real possibility...
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    NRL General Discussion Thread

    It says that the QLD government doesn’t want any crowds for matches involving one of the 12 relocating teams for the first three weeks of the hubs..... but PVL is on it.
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    NRL General Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I think you could well be on the money there. PVL is the saviour after all.
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    NRL General Discussion Thread

    So based on that article it sounds like we won't be able to go to Broncos v Tigers on Sunday????

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