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  1. Tstev92

    Broncos Insider

    watching Broncos insider loving what JD has said about defence, that we are good but now he wants them want to be more aggressive and named in particular lodge as well as the extra minutes of ofa and pangai
  2. Tstev92

    Affiliated sides or one reserve side?

    I am a fan of the ISC, I watch it when it's televised and even went to last years grand final, however I am also a fan of having that one reserve side like the NSW clubs have eg. Canberra has the Mounties, dragons have the cutters while the Bulldogs, Knights and panthers carry the same name as...
  3. Tstev92

    What's the go here?

    Just reading this article here: Error Page Whats going on? A 200cm wrecking ball who is full of commitment and we aren't one of 4 clubs chasing him? What's more disturbing is that he is going to go and trial with Cronulla because they have an arrangement with Ipswich High School, the very...
  4. Tstev92

    A little meeting in Newcastle

    The Mole has reported that a source of his recently saw Wayne Bennett with Peter Nolan and a Broncos board member having lunch in Newcastle...wonder what there is to talk about?
  5. Tstev92

    Dave Taylor

    Apparently the titans are shopping him around, I for one would welcome him back give us some size and impact off the bench. Who else would like to see him back?
  6. Tstev92

    Phil rothfield

    Reading Phil rothfield's article on 50 things we learnt from round 1, number nine on the list is that Lachlan maranta should play state of origin this year. although he perhaps had his best game on Friday night I think most of us agree he's lucky to be in the side, what the hell is everyone...
  7. Tstev92

    Stagg has re-signed?

    was just reading this article about hodges and they were quoting david stagg and claimed he has resigned for another year Hodges set for pre-Origin return - Good call? Don't know where he would fit into the team this year
  8. Tstev92

    Yow Yeh to play in the trials

    I really didn't think it would be that fast but,
  9. Tstev92

    Let Milford & hoffman go

    Who else is sick of this Hoffman/Milford saga? Let hoffman go, he is not a fullback no matter what he thinks and this constant rudeness of him being in 'team photos' with dogs players is unbelievable, we can thank him for his services but please move on and Milford is taking a pay cut to come...
  10. Tstev92

    Who will wear the no.15 jersey?

    With Wallace now gone and hunt in the halves who will be the hooker/utility on the bench for 2014. most believe it will be either baptiste or Granville but I believe a third option could be Cameron Cullen and some may argue mccollough should play the 80 minutes. all have great potential but...

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