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  1. Your Mobile Phone(s)

    s7 still going strong, albeit have keypad burn in on the screen now. when i eventually have to replace it, phones of similar dimension? not a fan of carrying a tablet in my pocket.
  2. What song are you listening to?

  3. What song are you listening to?

    been playing new vegas?
  4. -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    you're right and I'm an idiot for commenting on it again and keeping it going.
  5. -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    who gives a **** if our coach is overweight? do the white knights seriously need to defend his weight? are we looking for opportunities for outrage or?
  6. -NEWS- Here we go again

    would love to see PNG/Fiji 2nd NZ team Perth along with Bris2 yeah, probably not much money in fiji/png having a team but it would be cool to say we have a legit international comp. support would never be an issue.
  7. -NEWS- Training report

    the sub i ate in america was thissss big
  8. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    i get matt moylan vibes from him
  9. NRL Rumour and Movements - 2019

    imo it's just everyone fucking off because they know the race is run once smith goes. and he's got 12 months left.
  10. OFFICIAL Shibasaki signs three year deal with Newcastle

    hopefully makes a fist of it at newie.
  11. -NEWS- Croft 'honoured to be a Bronco'

    I'm glad you're coming around.
  12. Best Crowd Reaction

    when steve austin helped mankind beat the rock for the title
  13. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    There's something I'm missing about Drinkwater clearly... I just don't think he's that great, I completely understood Melbourne going for and sticking with Hughes after Drinkwater got injured because IMO Hughes is a much better player. What am I missing here? Or is it just cause Boyd sucks so...
  14. Broncos 2020 Squad

  15. I thought Shibia was gone ......

    maybe hes doing the larry david thing and just turning up for work anyway and hoping no one will notice
  16. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    more than morgan by the sounds
  17. Broncos 2020 Squad

    And the tempering of expectations begins. Boyd and McC in the round 1 team.
  18. Jordan Kahu Toxicity

    we fucked up, not him. take the cash jordan, not your fault we suck at negotiating.
  19. ANNOUNCEMENT News: the carnival is over

    piebold is pretty good i'll give you that
  20. -NEWS- Slow news: Why Milford deserves team of the decade nod

    Realistically we can't really name anyone else. But it does really reinforce a decade of complete underachievement.

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