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  1. -NEWS- Seibold: why I sacked Darius

    Seibold is a very, very good communicator and knows how to handle the press. His statement doesn't throw Boyd under the bus,, and answers enough of the questions around Boyd to keep things quiet. My respect for Seibold as a person is growing. Let's hope he can match his diplomacy with coaching...
  2. Broncos 2020 Squad

    My theory on Croft - Seibold may have known Croft from his Melbourne days and was putting out the "feelers" for Croft to come to Brisbane. Bellamy caught wind of this, chucked a tantrum and dropped Croft for disloyalty and because he knew he didn't want to be at the club.
  3. -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    Yep ... bring on the trials. Let's just hope Boyd is forced to play for his position and he just doesn't get the saloon passage. He should be put in the trial against Wynnum - and when he gets toweled-up by reserve graders perhaps the light will come on.
  4. -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    Bennett came out last year (2019) and defended Boyd, saying he was a brilliant trainer and always prepared well. So, it would follow, that last year's form cannot be put down to poor training attitude or preparation. I'm unaware of any personal issues that may have affected his form. The only...
  5. -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    What are the chances of Boyd playing round one, going down after 20 with a mysterious knee injury, and the club announcing a week later that its a season-ending ACL? A perfect plan to relieve the club of an over-paid yesterday's man,.
  6. -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    Where was Deardon playing in training? Opposing Croft or ...?
  7. RUMOUR Axed captain Darius Boyd set to cop another demotion at Brisbane Broncos

    We had a very well performed halfback called Troy Dargan - who was planning better the O'Sullivan if anything. Anyone would have been better at halfback than Boyd - who doesn't kick and doesn't organise.
  8. Broncos 2020 Squad

    Taking a different tack here ... I believe we are one or two props short. If you consider Haas, Lodge, Offa, Flegler and Carrigan would all be in the best 17, that only leaves Kennedy as a reserve. Bullemore is a development player, but he wasn't even starting in the Intrust Super Cup last...
  9. 2020 Round 1 Line up

    Exactly right. 10-15 years ago, players could play to 32-33 and bluff their way through. Today, the game is just so fast, and unless you're a genius like Cameron Smith (who never relied on his physical prowess) then age catches up much faster.
  10. 2020 Round 1 Line up

    That's about right I reckon. Despite all the soundings McCullough will be first choice No. 9 again. There's three top flight goal kickers in that team. I imagine Isaako will be given six/seven games to prove himself at fullback. Last year - tough year for him with family stuff and second year...
  11. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    With Holmes going to the Cowboys, what is going to happen with Drinkwater? Both are top flight fullbacks - and if anything - I see more potential in Drinkwater. To be honest, I would have preferred us signing Drinkwater over Croft. Drinkwater has ex-factor. It will be interesting what the...
  12. -NEWS- Darius Boyd turns Broncos vegan in bid for premiership glory

    You are what you eat. Boyd is a turnip.
  13. 2020 Round 1 Line up

    Agree 100%. Dargan was playing solid football week-in and week-out in the ISC - and is a game manager. Playing Turpin and Boyd in the halves, and then blaming Milford for lack of attack is putting an extra 20 kg on a horse and then blaming the jockey for the horse running last. At least with...
  14. -NEWS- Broncos captain Darius Boyd could lose role as Paul White endorses Matt Lodge

    Wally Lewis - sacked by Bennett with no public statements by the board or management. Not long after Brisbane won two premierships. Now, the Broncos are no different than any Sydney club - with a management butting into the coaches' realm, commenting about captains and team dynamics. Just butt...
  15. -NEWS- Wests Tigers set to pounce on Broncos star Anthony Milford: Report

    Another poster made the great observation that the Cowboys only won a premiership when Thurston finally had a playmaking partner in Morgan. Have a think about that. Have a think about the greatness of Thurston - who I believe is the greatest playmaker of our time - better than Johns. Andrew...
  16. -NEWS- Wests Tigers set to pounce on Broncos star Anthony Milford: Report

    Did you actually read my post? Some people just criticise for the sake of it.
  17. -NEWS- Wests Tigers set to pounce on Broncos star Anthony Milford: Report

    I can't believe the shallow analysis of Milford's form here. I'll make one point - the performance of any member of the spine is dependent on all others. Why? Because the defence TARGETS playmakers. For many games this year, Milford was the only true playmaker on the field. Boyd - nup...
  18. RUMOUR Valentine Holmes returns to Cowboys

    Just Google Paul Kent Jarryd Hayne - you'll find plenty of stories about the "fued" between Kent and Hayne. The "fued" revolved around Kent blaming the poor performance of the Titans on Hayne (as if one player can bring a whole team down) - and when everything came to a head, it became clear...
  19. RUMOUR Valentine Holmes returns to Cowboys

    Ever had any legal battles? Exhausting and takes immense emotional toll. Let's see ... how many false accusations have been made against men lately, and proven to be false - Geoffrey Rush, John Jarrett. These men are now destroyed and the women - still anonymous - walks away scott free. No...
  20. RUMOUR Valentine Holmes returns to Cowboys

    Oh ... so "alleged cases of rape" - reported on the same media that vowed to destroy him. For some people - they are cats and the media is like milk. Lap it up buddy. You just believe everything you read. Interesting point - Ben Teo - a top, top bloke - was forced to leave Australia BECAUSE OF...

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