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  1. Porthoz

    OFFICIAL Cooper Cronk calls time on career

    Agreed. I have plenty of respect for the bloke and what he achieved with the "limited talent" he has, but a Lewis, Alfie, Thurston or a Lockyer he is not.
  2. Porthoz

    NEWS It's Turpin time: Broncos young gun aims up

    Lower salary. It's called Quid Pro Quo.
  3. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    That's your perspective. The LNP doesn't need to campaign on policy, as theirs is well known. Labor is always having to re-invent themselves and come up with gigantic wasteful government policies to please the SJW and Greens which they rely so much upon. Maybe if they placed themselves more...
  4. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    Guess you've never seen a Union rep at work...
  5. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    Oh, I have no doubt a lot of people are clueless about politics and don't actually know what they are really voting for, but that's not an exclusive of either side. Ignorance and arrogance is to suggest otherwise.
  6. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    I would say that calling people uneducated because they didn't vote your way, is probably more arrogant.
  7. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    Neither happy nor unhappy. LNP is a huge benefit for me personally, but I would have liked Labor to come in for the sake of more investment in public education and health, and possibly a more responsible environment policy, especially geared towards renewables, as well as hopefully fixing the...
  8. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    Yeah, nah... Trump and Brexit makes us look 3000% better.
  9. Porthoz

    The Federal Election

    Libs are 1 seat away from outright majority and I hope they get it, so they don't have to pander to the redhead cunt.
  10. Porthoz

    Ghost Stories

  11. Porthoz

    POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    This is one for the ages! Yes, we're still a bit unpolished, but it would be hard not to given the average age of this team and the amount of rookies in it. You can clearly see some of the structure Seibold is putting in place, halves combination starting to form, forwards getting a bit more...
  12. Porthoz

    POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Trade for RTS and we're really cooking!
  13. Porthoz

    NEWS Landmark ruling: Jack de Belin barred from NRL return

    That's definitely controversial... and I find it hard to swallow, because it goes against the fundamental "innocent until proven guilty" principle enshrined in the Australian common law, turning it into a "guilty until proven innocent" punishment. It's also ridiculous to rule it doesn't impact...
  14. Porthoz

    The right to bag stuff out

    I've taken the easy way out and won't vote because I'm overseas... 😑
  15. Porthoz

    Conspiracy Theories

    I wouldn't hold my breath mate... he's got an old shitty video which has been thoroughly debunked, and made up statements from imaginary people to back his delusion, although at this point he's just trolling for reactions.
  16. Porthoz

    VOTE Former spine player to bring back

    A young D. Lockyer (aka the REAL God of Rugby League) as fullback, followed by Khunt. Alternatively I'd have Priddis or Berrigan for the dummy half position. With Milf and a very promising Dearden in the team, halves are not the biggest problem in our spine, otherwise Allan Langer would come...
  17. Porthoz

    Funny Pictures Thread

  18. Porthoz

    Conspiracy Theories

    Probably could have put this in the Awesome video thread, but it's so relevant to this thread, I'll put it here...
  19. Porthoz

    Conspiracy Theories

    The moon's surface is more reflective than the earth's. Even with a full moon, you'd be very lucky to see a distinguishable shadow somewhere with real clean air and no other light source than moon and stars. No way it would be visible in day light.
  20. Porthoz

    TV Show Thread

    Whomever is responsible for rushing through and murdering the final season of the best TV series ever made*, should be shot and quartered. * there are a few other contenders