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    Broncos 2020 Squad Interested to see how Hopoate goes in the trials to be honest, his stats were very impressive in QCUP last year. The injury to Lodge will open up an...
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    -NEWS- Lodge injury

    No idea if there's any reliability behind the story, but Fox Sports are throwing up the name Lachlan Timm as someone who might find their way in to the top 30 after this injury, was one of the best forwards in NSW Cup last season for the Dragons, averaging 170 odd metres.
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    Team List Broncos v Cowboys

    Feldt Cooper
  4. Unbreakable

    Cricket Queensland Cricket 2019/2020

    Lots of outs thanks to the Australia A game.
  5. Unbreakable

    -NEWS- Lodge injury

    Yeah, lol, wtf. I understand that people aren't happy with the deal, but he's still a top-tier prop. He could walk in and be the best middle forward at about 6 different clubs.
  6. Unbreakable

    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2020

    As terrible as it is to say, it's for the best that she didn't make it. That's no way to live, severe burns to your entire body and living the rest of your life with the guilt that you made it out and your kids didn't. No thank you.
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    Team List Broncos v Cowboys

    You vs the guy she told you not to worry about:
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    Cricket General Cricket Discussion

    Add in Wildermuth as well, he's replacing Stoinis who has pulled out w/ injury.
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    -NEWS- Lodge injury Partial tear confirmed, Lodge plans to avoid surgery after seeing the specialist. Potentially back in 2-3 months. (Round 5-14) Edit: Quotes from Lodge “I have had experience with this type of injury in the past with a...
  10. Unbreakable

    Broncos 2020 Squad We now have 36 players listed. Top 30 + 6 development players. With Perese likely getting axed, that should open up a spot for Bullemor in the top 30, based on the team list, Vudogo is listed way down below Seibold, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's lost his...
  11. Unbreakable

    Nines / Trial Games Broncos' team to play Wynnum Seagulls - Friday February 21 at 7pm (Kitchener Park): 1 Guy Hamilton 2 Ilikena Vudogo 3 Vaea Vaea 4 Bessie Aufaga-To'omaga 5 Jon Reuben 6 Darren Nicholls 7...
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    -NEWS- Lodge injury

    There's a chance it could be a 50/30 split between Carrigan & Joe at lock, with Joe spending 10 mins at prop (40ish mins total), but I just think Carrigan is a better player tbh. We're better with him on the field than Joe.
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    -NEWS- Lodge injury

    Flegler & Bullemor would offer plenty of impact off the bench, I wouldn't be starting with Joffa because he's likely the one who'll be spelling Patty at lock, but will also need to spend some minutes at prop as well. Minutes rotation would look something like this - 8. Haas (65) 9. Turpin...
  14. Unbreakable

    -NEWS- Lodge injury

    Cleans up the rotation a bit. More minutes for TPJ, Carrigan & Joffa. Guaranteed 80 for Glenn & Fifita. 8. Haas 9. Turpin 10. TPJ 11. Fifita 12. Glenn (c) 13. Carrigan 14. Paix 15. Ofahengaue 16. Flegler 17. Bullemor / Kennedy
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    If you could sign any 2 players who would they be?

    Nathan Cleary & Kalyn Ponga.
  16. Unbreakable

    Perese Gone

    I'm not passing judgement, that's what the judicial system is for. If he's found guilty, I do hope he serves time though, that appears to be the only way to get the message across to these kids. Even after seeing their peers drop like flies around them for breaking laws, they don't pull their...
  17. Unbreakable

    Perese Gone

    I disagree, I think he is an anomaly. What percentage of people between the ages of 18-23 in Australia are you proposing have been charged with multiple serious drug offences, including trafficking? I don't have the figures, but would love to know what your estimate is. My guess would be less...
  18. Unbreakable

    Perese Gone

    So he's been accused of possessing, supplying and trafficking "dangerous substances" as well as illegally obtained controlled substances, and people in this thread are really trying to defend him?? People on BHQ: He's a professional athlete, surely he can control his diet and what he puts in...
  19. Unbreakable

    Perese Gone

    Unlawful means he didn't obtain it through a doctor. Wtf, what world do you live in? It would be an astronomically low number that have tried all 3. Let's not forget that he's being charged with trafficking offenses as well, not just possession. He's gone.
  20. Unbreakable

    Perese Gone

    Yikes, I originally thought it was going to be something minor, but that's career-ending. Oh well.. at least we have good outside back depth lol.

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