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  1. Morkel

    2019 Origin Discussion

    Mbye is such a weird choice, and I can only assume he got the spot because he can play anywhere in the spine. But can he play anywhere well? If we’re going with Hunt at hooker, surely we carry a legit hooker on the bench to relieve him if he’s tired, or replace him if there is an injury and he...
  2. Morkel

    National Broadband Network

    What question am I dodging in regards to the rail network? Will the entire system need to rebuilt? If FTTP was going to be able to keep up for the next 20-30 years it might, but we're moving ahead way faster with wireless technologies. And I agree with you on us buying old, failed military...
  3. Morkel

    National Broadband Network

    Tells me I'm stupid for making it all about speed. Then tells me that the limitation in the future will be in regards to speed. 5 years time your 100mbps won't be sufficient for you because you're a tech nerd and want the fastest available technology, and want all taxpayers to pay for it...
  4. Morkel

    National Broadband Network

    You're kind of making my point for me, re cars vs the rail network. We all (most of us who work anyway) have to get somewhere. We don't expect the government to buy every working Australian a BMW. So we have a public transport system that gets 95% of the population a decent minimum, with rail &...
  5. Morkel

    National Broadband Network

    Yeah there is. The argument is that it was cheaper. Not everyone wants to have their tax dollars spent so some nerds can measure their internet-speed e-peens. If 5G is indeed close, it vindicates the entire argument. Won't need to rebuild shit if the whole wired system is obsolete.
  6. Morkel

    National Broadband Network

    That was my argument at the start - that even though FTTP was the "best" of what was currently available, it would eventually be succeeded by something better, so blowing our entire load on FTTP was silly if we could get something workable at a lower cost. It's debatable whether people consider...
  7. Morkel

    Round 11 Discussion

    Cleary played in a pretty good Origin team last year, and despite them winning, Cleary was pretty much invisible the whole time.
  8. Morkel

    National Broadband Network

    This argument is flawed though. Wasted / "cost more" compared to what? You not going to seriously argue that Labor's original budget was remotely accurate. They didn't even consult the industry when they came up with their costing, they literally pulled it out of their arse.
  9. Morkel

    Round 11 Discussion

    My farts. On the Eels game, Panthers are glad to get the win, but the only reason they got there was Ferguson putting down 3-4 easy passes while he was running good lines. Early in the tackle count too. Cleary may have scored that try but he was shit otherwise, plenty of derps in the final 20...
  10. Morkel

    NRL Players in hot water

    Uncle Tobys?
  11. Morkel

    VOTE Who should play for our right center?

    Straight off the top of my head, the one against the Roosters is probably the one you're referring to. It may not have been a match-winner, but he scored one almost identical against the Cowboys when we were behind by 6. Got us even & Milford kicked the FG. Just as important IMO.
  12. Morkel

    Credit where credit's due

    Any suggestion these photos have been staged in any way are frankly offensive.
  13. Morkel

    Credit where credit's due

    Sorry everyone, proud Dad moment. My eldest had her sports carnival these last couple of days. This is the first year that they can qualify for regionals and Age Champion. She got: * 6th on shotput * 3rd in longjump * 3rd in cross country (qualifies for regionals) * 3rd in 800m (qualifies for...
  14. Morkel

    TV Show Thread

    Wasn't that Ben Hur?
  15. Morkel

    NEWS Broncos centre James Roberts on a crash course with coach Seibold

    One of the best scenes in that movie. Why use alfoil???
  16. Morkel

    Funny Pictures Thread

    He's on to it though. Normally setting Jesus up would have your Heaven papers torn up for good. Not this guy. He doesn't need to act Godly when he's got a fistful of golden tickets.
  17. Morkel

    The Federal Election

    Was that because the numbers were quite even, or was it more an issue with the in-fighting in the LNP? If they're going to work together for the meantime (big IF) hopefully they will be able to get shit done.
  18. Morkel

    The Federal Election

    I get what you're saying. But unfortunately the reality is that, unless there are ONLY LNP and Labor candidates elected, then the small number of independents and/or minor party members end up with essentially all of the power. If something needs to be passed, then to get a majority, one side...
  19. Morkel

    ARL Round 8, 1996 - Brisbane Broncos vs Canberra Raiders

    It's not just the lack of wrestling, it's the lack of hands in the ruck. When the ref calls held, because the tacklers haven't twisted themselves around the player and the ball, they're able to immediately get up an go to marker. The simple remedy here is that when the ref calls "held", the...
  20. Morkel

    PRE-GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Kick wobbly bobbly bombs to Oates & Isaako, half their battle won.