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  1. Stu_9

    PRE-GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Matty Johns & Gordon Tallis has said we are certains this week. I was confident of getting the W, now I am worried..
  2. Stu_9

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Does anyone know if/where/when Tannah Boyd will end up in our squad? Where does he fit? Is the future a case of 1. Milf, 6. Boyd 7. Dearden 9.Paix? I have only seen T.Boyd at training, but from what I saw, he looked sharp - all reviews were that he was our future half? I am surprised his name...
  3. Stu_9

    Young broncs in feeder clubs

    I think it’s about now that we count our lucky stars that Dearden isnt off contract this/next year. It was a massive win ensuring Dearden stayed in Brisbane, rather then heading down to the r00rter$
  4. Stu_9

    OFFICIAL James Segeyaro signs with Broncos - Effective Immediately

    I do have the feeling that once Macca is fit, he will get his 9 jersey back, unfortunately. However, in the post game presser last night Seibs did say he had a “soft spot” for Jake, and that he coached him in the U18 QLD side a few years that’s a good sign moving forward. Clubs will no...
  5. Stu_9

    POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Haas, seggy, Turpin, Milf, TPJ, Boyd & Seibold take a bow. YEW FKN BEAUUUUTY!
  6. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    GIVE CHICKO 5yrs NOW!!! Fucking let’s go lads!
  7. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    I’d love for Dearden to get his hands on the ball more on the 5th. He has a nice little show and go, and his boot is good too. I’m sure it’ll come with time, but Milford’s 5th options are getting too predictable.
  8. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Best half we have had in probably 12 months. The boys have turned up, let’s hope we can get it done! Joffa needs to calm it a little tho. Turpin is Turpin’ it on!!
  9. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Back 5 letting us down massively. Forwards are doing a good job and matching it, if not up on the rorters forwards.
  10. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Darius, back to playing like Darius.
  11. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Shiba still not living up to any of this hype. I’ve seen nothing from him in first grade.
  12. Stu_9

    LIVE Round 10 Discussion

    Penrith are an absolute shambles.
  13. Stu_9

    NEWS Official player contract details announced for all 16 clubs

    Very interesting. I’d be looking to lock down Fifita & Staggs ASAP and long term. Good to see Haas is at the club long term. Hopefully Boyd gets a club coaching/marketing gig for 2020+ I hope Gillo finds some form soon that can kick on for a few more years..
  14. Stu_9

    PRE-GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

  15. Stu_9

    NEWS Oates gives up half a mill to stay with Broncos

    A bit of loyalty, I love it!
  16. Stu_9

    NEWS After sleepless night, Segeyaro wakes up to boyhood Broncos dream

    Saw him today, he looked pretty stoked and was very generous with his time towards the media. He is excited.
  17. Stu_9

    PRE-GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Today’s training: Milford’s not on the field, Sean O’Sullivan in the halves with Tom Dearden at today’s session. Segs alternating with Turpin in dummy half. TPJ doing sideline sprints (no contact) isaako looks to be in, Roberts still out.
  18. Stu_9

    NEWS Brisbane Broncos confirm they are going after Rabbitoh Cody Walker

    Don’t think we need him, unless we are getting rid of Milf, and in that case we better have someone ready for when Cody retires in a couple of years. I’m pretty confident it’s just media beat up anyway.
  19. Stu_9

    PLAYER Jake Turpin is good

    Let’s not take what I said out of context. It was referring to a post that dearden needs to “step up big time next week.” I was using Darius, as an example that a 300 game player will also probably get schooled by his opposite in the roosters. The roosters are at least a class above any other...
  20. Stu_9

    PLAYER Jake Turpin is good

    Dearden is freshly 18. 3 ISC games, 2 NRL games. I would have to disagree that Kodi would have outplayed him last night. Deardens defence and kicking game is already ahead of Kodi’s IMO. Talks heaps more the Kodi, and he is only going to get better. Tom is exactly what this team needs. Yes we...