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  1. Beachy

    Forum Censorship

    Bollocks Thank god for that
  2. Beachy

    The world would be a better place if we got rid of...............

    Reality TV Slow walkers People who think the aisles of Coles/Woolies are the right place to stand and have a chat with a friend/acquaintance they've happened to bump into
  3. Beachy

    13/14 Football Thread

    Re: 11/12 Football Thread Interesting fixture list ... apparently Man Utd play all 6 of their EPL games following a midweek CL group game at home, while Man City play all 6 of their games away. Doesn't really seem fair that
  4. Beachy

    FC Barcelona thread

    I second that motion
  5. Beachy

    Liverpool FC Thread

    I'm tipping that's how many pints young Andy had after the game this morning [icon_lol1. [icon_lol1. Super impressive I thought. The combination of the front 2 looks better with each game
  6. Beachy

    Liverpool FC Thread

    Martin Atkinson is quite possibly the worst ref in the EPL
  7. Beachy

    A-league Grand Final BRFC vs CCM

    What a night! I still can't believe it happened. Amazing stuff. Rapt I was able to be there. The roar from the crowd when the equaliser went in was as loud as I've heard a crowd at any sporting event I've been to (Origins, NRL GFs). The place was shaking. We were never going to lose the...
  8. Beachy

    Round 1 - Broncos vs Cowboys - Post Match Discussion

    Too much dropped ball cost us. Cowboys only had a good 20 minutes at the back end of the 1st half and it was enough to get them home. We had more than enough ball at their end of the field to win the game. Hoffman continued on from where he left off last season - he was clearly our best. Far...
  9. Beachy

    Ryan Tandy Arrested

    Not as much as I did [icon_non
  10. Beachy

    How many jobs have you had so far?

    Only Coles and Unitab for me - although am now in my 5th (and best!) role with the TAB
  11. Beachy

    Brisbane Roar

    _woohoo_ _woohoo_ _woohoo_
  12. Beachy

    Todd Carney

    Done for low range drink driving this morning on his way to a 'business meeting' The club says it is "very disappointed in his actions" and that "whilst the matter is set to go before the courts, the Club will discuss an appropriate action with Todd in due course. What's that saying about...
  13. Beachy

    Official - Ivan Henjak Sacked

    Re: Henjak punted?? Rumour is Henjak & Lockyer haven't been on speaking terms for several weeks. Anthony Griffin will take over
  14. Beachy

    Official - Ivan Henjak Sacked

    Re: Henjak punted?? Press conference in 20 mins
  15. Beachy

    Official - Ivan Henjak Sacked

    Triple M in Sydney reporting Ivan Henjak has just been given the chop! Very strange timing if true
  16. Beachy

    Liverpool FC Thread

  17. Beachy

    Liverpool FC Thread

    Fernando ... we hate you so much because we loved you so much. Really really disappointed with his actions this week. Surprised we went so high with Carroll - obviously he's not worth anywhere near that much, but when your backed into a corner I guess you go above and beyond. Will be interesting...
  18. Beachy

    Liverpool FC Thread

    From what I'm hearing Anelka doesn't want the move and we don't particularly want him either. Looks like it's 50mil or nothing
  19. Beachy

    Liverpool FC Thread

    It's fucked. No point hanging onto him if he's just going to mope around being miserable. Very disappointing

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