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  1. Sproj

    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    No I haven't got it confused. It is racist to single out Chinese people now. It doesn't matter if they are from Wuhan, Lombardia, New York or Wellington, EVERYONE who comes into Australia has to be in hotels quarantined for 14 days. Whether the stats out of China or anywhere are accurate or...
  2. Sproj

    What's up?

    Man, no idea where to start other than to say you are likely the best husband ever and she must be a amazing woman. There will be some extremely dark days ahead, it’s ok to recognise that and it’s ok to cry, a lot. Try not to bottle everything in and sharing your pain is good, treasure that...
  3. Sproj

    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Wow nice overreactions there people. The borders are still closed and anyone coming in from anywhere still has to quarantine in hotels for 14 days. A few pretty racist comments just coming out above, pretty poor form. And also, not everyone in Wuhan had it, in fact comparative to the population...
  4. Sproj

    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Suspended

    Why wouldn’t you play it in Qld or any state other than NSW? Go to WA even or wherever they have like 10 cases. Why would you put it in Sydney and make other teams fly into there when we mentioned above, they have by far the highest number of people with it anywhere in Australia?
  5. Sproj

    Movie Thread

    Infinity War was the pinnacle, should have won some Academy Awards.
  6. Sproj

    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Suspended

    Come on guys, it is Weidler, never believe anything he says.
  7. Sproj

    The controversial thread

    Against blacks sure, not against whites in general. Australia is far more racist against Asians than Asians are towards whites.
  8. Sproj

    2020 Origin Discussion

    Because he already has the best. Hehe
  9. Sproj

    Suspended Round 3 - Titans vs Broncos

    Broncos lose 4 points and lose TPJ for a THIRD of the season, that is a acceptable win for all (the 'media') in their eyes regardless of anything else.
  10. Sproj

    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Yes, he is free to express his opinion but so is everyone else and if there are reasons for a rebuttal, why shouldn't that be allowed? This isn't fake news era America here, where you can just dismiss facts because you don't like them.
  11. Sproj

    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Boris Johnson in ICU.
  12. Sproj

    TV Show Thread

    The English Game - period style miniseries about the birth of professionalism in soccer and the FA cup.
  13. Sproj

    The controversial thread

    Not true. I've been punched, shouted at and spat on. I can tell you in absolute truth that I was not in any wrong to deserve it, I am not one given to being drunk or starting stuff. I even usually go into bat for Asians, as my comments on this forum will testify. But yes, it is likely rarer...
  14. Sproj

    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Suspended

    Well yeah, the Roosters are 0-2 and Rabbits 1-1, it will be wiped, that is unacceptable.
  15. Sproj

    The controversial thread

    Yeah it’s true. When I first came back, I wore a face mask for a few days after the isolation period just for piece of mind in case I still had it but didn’t know and even though my tests had comeback negative. I’m not Asian but I had a number of people, mostly young men, having a go at me...
  16. Sproj

    Gaming Thread

    No idea if this has been spoken about already as I have rarely ever come into this thread but my third bout of lockdown has turned me to the Xbox. Have just finished Jedi: Fallen Order. What a really cool game and an excellent story to boot. I hope they make a sequel.
  17. Sproj

    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I know one person with it.
  18. Sproj

    China and the CCP

    Sure, why not? Obviously, I have a far stronger affinity towards China than most on here but I genuinely think they do a lot of things better than the west do. They also do get a lot of things wrong for sure. But I will leave it there, I genuinely try not to be political.
  19. Sproj

    China and the CCP

    Why though does the US say get a free pass despite all their human rights abuses, lies, etc then? Doesn't seem particularly fair.
  20. Sproj

    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    This is from The Guardian: "AAP reports that NSW police have already had to arrest someone for repeatedly ignoring the restrictions: Seriously, it is these kinds of people that have made it keep spreading in many places while restrictions are in place. What a selfish idiot.

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