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  1. user_nat

    Round 24 - Broncos vs Knights

    Someone has to start the thread I guess..
  2. user_nat

    Round 21 - Broncos Vs Sharks - Post Match Discussion

    Great win with a much needed boost to the for and against.
  3. user_nat

    Round 13 - Sharks vs Broncos - Post Match Discussion

    34-16. Discuss?
  4. user_nat

    Round 9 - Broncos vs Storm - Post Match Discussion

    For a loss, I'm pretty happy with that game. Really wish that Norman had been dropped and Baptiste kept. Hooker continues to be our weakness. VOTE IN POTS -
  5. user_nat

    Round 6 - Roosters vs Broncos - Post Match Discussion

    24 - 6 Would have been nice to crack 30.
  6. user_nat

    Round 2 - Raiders vs Broncos - Post Match Discussion

    I know ning usually makes these.. but we can't wait all night icon_smile Great to get a win! Even though we have much to improve. Edit by ning: Don't forget to vote in POTS, guys! Link is -

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