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  1. Tunza's Chin

    NEWS Broncos flyer Corey Oates says he wants to stay in Brisbane

    Saying your keen stay put isn't generally how you drive your price up with your current club either. Fingers crossed he is being genuine though.
  2. Tunza's Chin

    NEWS Oates must choose - bench or wing?

    Bennett is a master. I reckon Oates is bouncing off walls right now itching to show everyone how wrong they are about his prospects as a back rower. No one at the Broncos will be hungrier to get out on the field than him after the off season headlines he has had. I'm quite excited at the...
  3. Tunza's Chin

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    To be honest, I've always assumed the ease of poaching players has been one of the main reasons he has coached rep sides. Wayne knows the value of making personal connections to players - if even if it doesn't pay off immediately. More importantly, he likes to win....
  4. Tunza's Chin

    LIVE Finals Week 1 - Roosters vs Broncos

    Retarded defence from him out of the line
  5. Tunza's Chin

    LIVE Finals Week 1 - Roosters vs Broncos

  6. Tunza's Chin

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    I've got no inside Intel, but fairly certain the papertalk recently had been their tossing up Lichaa and Rein, leaning towards Lichaa.
  7. Tunza's Chin

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    ... Gus Goulds more chance of coming to the Broncos than Moylan (the thought of Bennett / Gould co-coaching together is amusing). Who might be a bit more realistic is Lichaa. I wouldn't be against Bennett sounding him out on a 1-2 season deal for change. Even give him the second season in his...
  8. Tunza's Chin

    POST GAME Round 26 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    Thaiday's experience was particularly noticeable for me that game. His output may have dropped, but he knows when we need a big run or tackle and delivered last night. Great game from him.
  9. Tunza's Chin

    Racism drama in the U20's

    IIRC NSW'S perceived racism towards indigenous players was part of Inglis's desire to play for Queensland... This sort of shit needs to be stamped out immediately by the club if it's legit - it's not something you want to be even loosely associated with when so many players were trying to...
  10. Tunza's Chin

    Racism drama in the U20's

    I'd think with how diverse the under 20's team is that sort of thing would be totally viewed as totally unacceptable by everyone in the team... Given how much players value the opinion of their peers in the team I also find it hard to believe tbh. If he did say it the other Broncos players...
  11. Tunza's Chin

    RUMOUR Jayden Nikorima to the Broncos

    Their pragmatic more then proud I'd say... Pretty simple math, cop half his freight (200k), save 200k paid by the team that takes him. If they don't think they are going to get 200k of value from him this year he's gone.
  12. Tunza's Chin

    Broncos chasing top two finish

    I'd rather it felt like 2006, which it does, than 2015.
  13. Tunza's Chin

    RUMOUR Bulldogs' fire sale

    I think it's more a case of buying that premiership window open a little longer, which of course comes back to bite you down the road and a clean out is the only real option. Funnily enough, had Des got his chocolates in 12 or 14 I am sure he may have moved on again and the media would be...
  14. Tunza's Chin

    RUMOUR Bulldogs' fire sale

    He has long been one is my favourite footballers. May be below his peak currently, but would still love to see him in Broncos colours. One tough hombre, has a bit of that old school, uncompromising attitude that's dieing in the modern game. Corey had it as well.
  15. Tunza's Chin

    Newcastle and Warriors in big-money bidding war for Brisbane forward Adam Blair

    Assuming Blair goes, how're we looking next year? Boyd Kahu Roberts Isaako/Old mate whose name I'm forgetting from last year Pearson ? Milford Niko Sims Macca Moose Glenn Gillo Bird Haas/Thaiday TPJ Offa Oates Four forward bench would bench would be needed with a relatively light...
  16. Tunza's Chin

    POST GAME Round 23 - Broncos vs Sharks

    Also, I disagree with the sentiment that the Sharks were off their game so we can't get too excited over the win. It was definitely a case of the Sharks only playing as well as we allowed them too. So many errors forced through defence, or exploiting weaknesses that have existed even through...
  17. Tunza's Chin

    POST GAME Round 23 - Broncos vs Sharks

    Kodi is seriously impressing me, I've had doubts about him and Milf in the halves this year and next but he just keeps getting better. Gillo looks like a different player running off his short balls compared to Hunts. Looks to have a great attitude and is ice cool. I like that he looks to be...
  18. Tunza's Chin

    Blair: I don't want to leave Brisbane

    Well this story being out there makes it pretty clear to anyone else in negotiations there's not much money left. Otherwise perhaps Thaiday's attitude has been I'm sticking around long term and am going to play for a new deal. If Bennett wants him off the cap for '18 (which I think is the case)...
  19. Tunza's Chin

    Rugby stars prove inspiration for superboot Kahu

    That's it - Hala's try thank you.

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