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  1. BroncosAlways

    TV Show Thread

    Update - Midway through season 2, really enjoying it so far. Some characters are starting to make my blood boil at the sight of them though but that could be just me getting too into it.. Can't believe I didn't get into this earlier!
  2. BroncosAlways

    2019 Broncos Jersey & Sponsorship discussion

    Just in time as well!
  3. BroncosAlways

    POST GAME Round 6 - Raiders vs Broncos

    More often than not it will bring the realisation that there's more to life than just footy. Self-preservation comes naturally when you know there's someone else out there you need to look after, and it can get into athletes minds subconsciously. Can't really blame them to be honest, I wouldn't...
  4. BroncosAlways

    Haas - Off Field Dramas

    The "I'm a grown man" at 19 years of age made me chuckle. He's got the grown part right, at least.
  5. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 6 Discussion

    The Roosters home stadium is Allianz (currently SCG while it's under renovation) so not 80k, but still definitely atrocious crowds considering they have one of the best valued and affordable membership packs across the clubs.
  6. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 6 Discussion

    At 18 he's certainly got the potential to get there with the right sprint coaching. Doesn't have near the muscle mass Jimmy has though obviously.
  7. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 6 Discussion

    His injury I would assume, wouldn't want to potentially worsen it.
  8. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 6 Discussion

    5 years post-retirement he'll be joining them I daresay. Doesn't exactly strike me as the type to invest or have a savings account.
  9. BroncosAlways

    2019 Broncos Jersey & Sponsorship discussion

    I received my 2019 Anzac jersey and found it quite similar in fit to last year's Home, and I got the same size. It's definitely slimming but hopefully it should fit as the Heritage one you have. On the plus side, the jersey is even more beautiful in person!
  10. BroncosAlways

    Credit where credit's due

    OMG this is yours Ning?!? Its a brilliant page, Kudos. Good to know it's in great hands!
  11. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 5 - Broncos vs Tigers

    Really impressed with Paynes motor so far, starting and going 30 is huge.
  12. BroncosAlways

    TV Show Thread

    Quick shout out to a few of the fellas on here discussing Walking Dead, @broncos4life for one I think? (Might be wrong) I've finally jumped on board and midway through season 1. Enjoying it so far but from the way some of you talked about it on here it sounds worth sticking through.
  13. BroncosAlways

    SPOILER Marvel/DC Comic Book and Movie Chat

    I too must acquire said copy of said movie. Having been late to the Marvel party and only caught up on the last 5 or 6 last year, I feel like Gold Class will be the only way to go for Endgame.
  14. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 4 Discussion

    Was just thinking the same. No matter what people say, he's got a great rugby league brain through and through.
  15. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 4 Discussion

    Elgey loses it 5m out from the line, so why was that a 20m restart?
  16. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 4 Discussion

    Solomone Kata would be such a damaging centre if he learnt to draw and pass. He's still a handy player, but could be so much more.
  17. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 2 Discussion

    Hodgo in the commentary box: "How good are the wingers these days?!" Can just picture Hodgo dropping the mic after that and having Vietnam flashbacks of Maranta outside him.
  18. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 2 Discussion

    Old boy probably doesn't know where he is, I wouldn't of brought him back on after the potential concussion in the first half today.
  19. BroncosAlways

    LIVE Round 2 Discussion

    Isaah Yeo has to be one of the dopiest looking players in the game.. Looks like a top bloke, just super simple.

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