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  1. NEWS Broncos centre James Roberts on a crash course with coach Seibold

    As per media, he's already full of ears to a knucklehead. From Jimmy perspective, it would make perfect sense in listening to one more knucklehead in raging fool thus kissing his career a goodbye. For any individual, loyalty goes a long way in shaping up ones life's. Being a footballer...
  2. POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    The Broncos are well truly back. Well done guys! Can't wait to serve back to Rabbits and them Storm cheaters. Bring it on!!!
  3. NEWS Oates gives up half a mill to stay with Broncos

    Good on ya Corey! Now smash'em Chooks at Suncorp.
  4. NEWS Broncos must rely on their QLD roots

    1557911761 Reading between the lines here....did we offer a 3 year deal & TPJ is looking to join a Sydney club? I know for the fact that he may be looking at other clubs but not sure if we offered him a 3 year deal to him. Perhaps, is it all CM's another BS story? Today it's a 3 year deal and...
  5. NEWS NRL fumes after Brisbane Broncos fail to turn up at Magic Round promotional gig

    Any doubt? It's Ben Dickhead Cummins. Have we ever won a game when he's the reff? Even if our guys try real hard to get a W, reffs will ensure that we are screwed royally.
  6. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Wouldn't it be so nice to see the end of Boyd @ 1 for us? Let's hope it's not JUST speculation but a reality bound to happen VERY SOON. That aside, during GI's retirement announcement, I am bemused when Shane Richardson spoke. South's want to recognize GI for his services at their "next" home...
  7. LIVE Round 6 Discussion

    Hope our 9 takes a leaf out of what Radley put in against Storm. He just killed it. His passing is impeccable especially the FG attempt by Mitchell. Every club 9's are performing well on par their last year's performance except ours. Manly had at-least 2 @ 9 so does Sharks, Storm, Titans...
  8. Seibold - 5 games in

    So, you reckon our recruitment team fucked us up & sucks BIG TIME? If so, I am terribly disappointed that Locky is 1 among them and calling the shots.
  9. Seibold - 5 games in

    I wouldn't like any of our Broncos players to be injured in any game. However, if they are liability for our progress or absolutely DO NOT contribute in our favor, then deadest I do not want them in my team. We must throw in someone in at 1 & 9 and see how they go. Most importantly, we MUST be...
  10. Seibold - 5 games in

    On the dot mate. I don't care who the coach is. At the end of the day, all I want is - Broncos to be successful and win the damm Premiership every year. Bugger off Rotters & Melbourne. we dictate terms and beg for our mercy. Well, that might sound hypothetical, but I don't give a rats ass.
  11. POST GAME Round 5 - Broncos vs Tigers

    Absolutely gutted as to how we are going so far.......terrible to say the least. Hypothetically speaking, now that Thursday game days are over for us (well, almost for now), will our lads fancy playing Fri/Sat/Sun games and re-kick start our season? I hope so.... Our spine deadest needs a...
  12. Seibold - 5 games in

    Every time I see Anthony.S's face - he seem to be a guy suffering from constipation. Sort out your shit moron. Stop freaking say it's only "Round X" and act fast. I am absolutely gutted with the way we're going round to round. This is a club that demands success and you have sucked so far. No...
  13. NEWS Darius Boyd: Why I won’t be surrendering Broncos captaincy or No.1 jersey

    No! Absolutely us a favor & please bugger off!
  14. PRE-GAME Round 5 - Broncos vs Tigers

    It appears to me that Anthony.S is as stubborn as Wayne. He surely knows what he's getting into(with the squad) before he signed with Broncos. He has the entire pre-season to rubber stamp his authority on the squad with his so called innovate style. He must've made changes we all wanted from R1...
  15. NEWS Buy George! Broncos told to bid for Burgess

    I do not understand the ask for more forwards. The whole mantra in the pre-season was 'Broncos have got exciting young forward pack to which all the clubs must be envy of'. Now all of a sudden, we need more forwards? NO, not at all. We need a genuine half who can channel & guide the team. Sure...
  16. If you were broncos coach

    You absolutely nailed it mate. All we wanted from this year onwards is - better mentality and attitude on the field with top quality performance week in week out. In this process, there will be games where we might loose very closely but, those losses should inspire the playing group to correct...
  17. POST GAME Round 4 - Roosters vs Broncos

    Today in the world we're living in - no one's job is secure. Every single day, we all have to strive to earn a paycheck every fortnight. If our performance lags, we will be pulled aside and get cautioned about our lags. Yes, the footy players have short careers but they also are on high to...
  18. LIVE Round 4 - Roosters vs Broncos

    Seibold must start making changes to the squad. If he doesn't, not sure what he want's to prove other than an idiot. I still don't understand what changes he has brought in? 1,7 & 9 MUST be replaced to start with.
  19. LIVE Round 4 - Roosters vs Broncos

    That's 2 tries the great captain has conceded in this match alone. Dear o dear o dear...... what a pathetic performance this has been. We'll be well and truly in the bottom 4 come season's end. Frustrating to say the least.
  20. PRE-GAME Round 4 - Roosters vs Broncos

    I do not understand why we keep picking too many outside backs in our 21 squad? Why don't we ever give a chance to the half's (who are waiting) and see how would they go? What has Fensom contributed so far in the minutes he has played? Nothing. We would have tested Carrigan. Perese & Kennar in...

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