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    TPJ....Grub, or not?

    No idea what goes on behind closed doors, but from his performance I think Seibs has missed the trick with TPJ. H needs very specific and clear directions, feedback not coshing, nothing broad, very specific. He has to change what he does or his career will be short lived its that simple. Run...
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    -NEWS- Seibold: there's a time for excuses and that time starts now

    Jesus...the Seibold posts really make it obvious who has been hoarding toilet paper...
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    -NEWS- Boyd, Macca and Bird to reignite against the Capras

    You're reading too much into it. It's leadership 101. Take care of your people and they take care of you.
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    Climate Change: Fact or Fiction

    No I didn't, why would I? By even your own admission you know less than qualified scientists, which is where I can my science from. Not Karens off facebook, right wing shock jocks or engineers with delusions of grandeur. To suggest you don't need to be a scientist to do science is ridiculous...
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    Climate Change: Fact or Fiction

    You summed it up in the first comment 'I'm not a scientist' Yet you think you are able to critique the issue better than actual scientists who specilaisein the field? Take a moment to think about how arrogant that is. If you had open heart surgery would you see an expert who has performed...
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    -NEWS- How Seibold has reformed Broncos

    I've worked in management for years...I really felt for Anthony last year, I know how lonely he would have felt...I believe from everything I've seen he is learning as we all are, but he has us on the right track.
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    Climate Change: Fact or Fiction

    I'm not citing it as an authority. I'm not a scientist. My point is leave science to the scientists, not internet bogans and conspiracy theory nuts who often quote NASA.
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    Climate Change: Fact or Fiction

    Here is what baffles me..what makes someone, with no scientific education, think they understand this issue enough to know its either happening or inst happening? Its like religious people arguing against evolution. Yet when they get sick, what do they do? Go to a Dr...According to NASA 97%...
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    -NEWS- Milford primed for 6 of the best next to Croft

    I'm sure the Mole used to get great scoops a few years ago, but lately jesus..he sounds like your crazy uncle..
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    -NEWS- Siebold chuffed with pre-season fitness

    I'm positive of seeing a genuine change. This is much more Seibs team than last year. The preparation is much more his, and far less disrupted. The job isn't done, but we are heading in the right direction. Parkers inclusion makes a big statement..
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    -NEWS- Badel: Isaako "locked in" as 2020 fullback

    Except he doesn't need to be. Its not his job to play the game, its to prepare the team to play. I've had success in Management across multiple industries. I never had to be a subject matter expert, that's why you have staff.
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    -NEWS- Siebold chuffed with pre-season fitness

    Well let's face it, WB consistently failed to keep up with the modern game when it came to the fitness side of things. If anything its probably the biggest change we needed.
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    2020 Round 1 Line up

    Speed bump? Macca has great defence. Always has.
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    2020 Round 1 Line up

    Yep. Coming off the bench he wont be tired from defence. It wasn't that long ago he was great in attack. I wouldn't use him to replace Turpin but one of the middle forwards late in halves. I actually think hell surprise a few people next season if they use him this way.
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    2020 Round 1 Line up

    I thinki the OP has it spot on. I like the idea of Macca of the bench, he adds versatility.
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    A good signing for us, give us much more depth than we had last season. Another step in the right direction.
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    -NEWS- Corey Parker joins Broncos coaching team full-time

    I like it. From what I have heard he is a good coach, but it also sends a signal as t the clubs direction given how it ended last time. Get on board or get off..
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    -NEWS- Croft set to stay at Storm with Broncos deal in limbo

    It just looks like a good old fashioned Mexican stand off to me. Both sides would benefit from the deal, or they wouldn't even be discussing it. I have a feeling it will happen.
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    -NEWS- Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold is optimistic about Broncos’ future

    My biggest concern is his lack of willingness to ice games. He just doesn't seem to want to be the man to take charge when the game is on the line. 1572931213 Well that's been the problem, until now what has been the expectation set? The consequences for not adhering? That is what Seibs is...
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    -NEWS- Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold is optimistic about Broncos’ future

    The Sharks and Rooster wins, the introduction of Dearden, the rise of Turpin (we were easily our best with him at 9) The gradual cultural power shift away from under performers to people like Carrigan etc. Hass and Fifita had their best years. The understanding of how below the fitness levels...

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