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  1. Kris

    Laptop advice

    Alright, technology nerds, I mean enthusiasts. I was thinking I should probably get a laptop before I go to HK because all I have is my iPhone. I don't want to spend a lot of money cos I'm a tightarse. I just want a notebook/netbook to save my photos, music, browse the net while I'm away...
  2. Kris

    Attention: Ning

    Seeing as you love shoes, help a sister out. I need new running shoes (preferably Asics) that I can buy online. I have plantar fasciitis (heel issues) so I need a good one, yet affordable. I've never bought running shoes online, my current Asics one was bought two years ago when I was in the...
  3. Kris

    What would you do if you win the lotto?

    I know the $70million's already done and dusted, but I thought I'd make a thread that's lotto-related. What would you do the day after you win the lotto? I don't know the whole lotto process when you win, but would you go back to work/school the next day? Or chuck a sickie and just spend all...
  4. Kris

    Wireless Routers (recommendations please)

    Attention technology enthusiasts, Can you gimme suggestions as to which wireless router I should buy? My old D-Link one has seen better days I think because our Internet connection has been way slower than usual. It's probably around 4-5 years old. I don't wanna spend too much, just maybe...
  5. Kris

    Nu Zulend

    Hai, Tempted to go to NZ for a week, Queenstown in particular. Flights on sale fly to Dunedin but not Queenstown airport. I just checked the map and it's just under a 4hr drive from Dunedin to Queenstown...soooo...I have some questions: 1) Would the drive be alright? Planning on going there in...
  6. Kris

    Decisions, decisions...

    People, my iPhone 3GS has seen better days. The Home button doesn't work properly and it's pretty slow now. Anyway, my contract finishes in Feb 2011, so my trusty 3GS can retire soon. Question is, I want a new phone by the time I leave for overseas in Dec. I would love to use my phone to take...
  7. Kris

    Broncos Season Members

    Hey guys, Have you bought your tickets for Week 1 finals game? I didn't even realise it was on sale today for season members until a friend asked me about it. Existing full members (not the Awesome Foursome, Locky's last 3 games members) can purchase their existing seats from today (10am)...
  8. Kris

    Sydney question

    People, I'm roadtripping it to Shytney next week (drive there Thurs night, then drive back to Brissie Sunday morning). Will most likely stay at Star City, then pretty much driving around to check out the place. I've been there three times but I got around by buses. Am I better off driving...
  9. Kris

    Your Workplace

    I just realised that this week will be my 4th year at where I work! It doesn't really feel that long though lol. Although I've been tempted to leave ages ago, I don't even think I'm leaving this place any time soon anymore. I guess this is just a positive thread about what you like about your...
  10. Kris

    Public transport etiquette

    What are the general rules that you think should apply? I catch a super express bus so it's always got the same people and it stops in a few bus stops in the City. Anyways, I sometimes find myself in this situation where I sit next to this guy, who's stop is the one after mine. The main stop...
  11. Kris


    I'm hella bored and came across this article (it's like 2 years old lol), which one do you reckon is the most annoying one on that list? ... _s=PM:TECH
  12. Kris

    Internet Plans?

    Hi interwebz users, Just wondering what your internet plans are like with your ISPs? I've been with iiNet for two years now and I've got the 100GB peak/100GB off-peak ADSL1 plan for $69.95/month. On top of this, there's the $29.95/month phone line rental. Anyways, I think it's a tad...
  13. Kris

    30 songs

    Please do not make this into a "your music sucks, mine's better" thread. :-p There's this 30 Day Song Challenge thing on FB and it gave me an idea to pretty much replicate it, except you don't have to list just one a day. Just pretty much fill it out and that's it! 01 - your favorite song 02 -...
  14. Kris

    How many jobs have you had so far?

    No innuendos please lol. I'm turning 25 this year and I've had 3 casual jobs, one work experience, one undergrad job which lead to me getting a full-time job at that company once I finished Uni. I've heard that there are people who have had wayyyy more jobs than me when they were 25 so yeah...
  15. Kris

    Video Sound Question

    Hai guys, Just wondering if there's a program of some sort that can get rid of the annoying muffled noise when you record songs that have loud bass? I wanna fix some of my videos. [eusa_doh
  16. Kris

    Broncos vs Titans Trial Score *spoilers*

    Under 20s halftime score: Broncos 20 Titans 0 Wallace and Parker are signing autographs at the Wynnum tent FYI.
  17. Kris

    New Year's Resolution?

    Happy New Year, BHQers! [icon_drun Do any of you guys have new year's resolution(s)? I never really followed mine throughout the years with the exception of last year. Mine was to go to the gym and eat healthy(ish). So yeah, lost some weight by going to the gym regularly but I definitely...
  18. Kris

    What is your favourite fruit?

    Aiight, this was discussed today in Credit where credit's due, so I might as well get a poll happening. Pick one!
  19. Kris

    iTunes/iPod help!

    Harro guys, I'm a tool. Anyway, I was going to add new music in my iPhone via iTunes. So I selected all the albums (probably about 10 albums) and instead of dragging it to a playlist that I use to sync to my iPhone, I accidentally dragged it to the actual iPhone itself (where it says my...
  20. Kris

    Pacquiao vs Margarito

    Anyone gonna watch this on Sunday?!? GO PACMAN!!!

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