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  1. 2ndPhase

    2018 NRL Grand Final - Roosters vs Storm

    My 8 year olds favourite player is also The Jet.
  2. 2ndPhase

    VOTE BHQ Gathering

    I had a good chuckle at this. Well played @Morkel
  3. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Finals Week #2

    Omg James Maloney is having a shocker
  4. 2ndPhase

    PLAYER Andrew McCullough Discussion

    The book has closed on Macca for me. Turps for 50mins and Kodi for 30mins. Maccas solid yet average approach is no longer enough to keep the next generation waiting. And Turps defence has actually stood up from the few games he played this year. Macca is a legacy from the old narrative. We need...
  5. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Finals Week 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

  6. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Finals Week 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

    Giddy up boys!!!!
  7. 2ndPhase

    POST GAME Round 25 - Broncos vs Manly

    Glenn’s great, I like him. And he has had a good year in my opinion. I would still have a better utility if I had the choice.
  8. 2ndPhase

    POST GAME Round 25 - Broncos vs Manly

    I’d drop Glenn and have a better utility and it will be premierships for dayyys!!
  9. 2ndPhase

    POST GAME Round 24 - Roosters vs Broncos

    3 things that stood out. 1. Defence was up a level than what we have seen this year. Still a lot of missed tackles but great scrambling and lateral movement covering the inside. Where has this been? 2. Plenty of offloads. This is where our attack is at its best. We have jack all structured...
  10. 2ndPhase

    MELTDOWN Wayne Bennett - Moves to Souths

    I don’t have a Wayne agenda either way. On balance I appreciate all he has done for the Broncs over his career. At the end of the day though it can be argued that our last two seasons have been particularly underwhelming. Not just the results, but the overall attitude and character of the team...
  11. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Round 22 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    Isaako kicked twice tonight in a one on one for the try line. Back yourself!
  12. 2ndPhase

    MELTDOWN Wayne Bennett - Moves to Souths

    This is it for me. The best the panthers could sign was hook. Tells you something. It could be that the board just has no idea of how it would play out having Wayne in that role. And that’s the possible risk of not attracting an elite coach in than context.
  13. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Round 21 - Bulldogs vs Broncos

    You’re trading is social capital. You have made an investment that has literally zero upside with, high margin of error and a minefield of downside. You drinking? @Unbreakable
  14. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Round 20 - Broncos vs Sharks

    Sick of the 9 callers preferring to commentate on the refs rather than the game.
  15. 2ndPhase

    LIVE Round 19 - Broncos vs Panthers

    Woop woop [emoji108]
  16. 2ndPhase

    PRE-GAME Round 19 - Broncos vs Panthers

    Make this happen
  17. 2ndPhase

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    He probably wants to go home. It might be a joint decision.
  18. 2ndPhase

    LIVE State of Origin Game III - Live Discussion

    Was a bad read from Maguire as well though.
  19. 2ndPhase

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    Will Bird be a better at than Staggs at centre by the start of next season? Bird needs to recover, get match fit, and in the offseason outperform a quickly maturing athlete who has looked beyond epic so far this year. Yes it’s early, but I’m aboard the Staggs train.

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