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  1. morethenjack

    OFFICIAL James Roberts granted immediate release

    They play the eels. If they win, we are in the 8.
  2. morethenjack

    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2019

    I was convinced the fox league facebook page was a fan page for a while based on the content they would post. Who ever runs the page needs to be replaced.
  3. morethenjack

    Conspiracy Theories

  4. morethenjack

    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2019

    From what I can tell, Sandor Earl was the last player to sign on for Melbourne’s 2019 season.
  5. morethenjack

    2019 Broncos Jersey & Sponsorship discussion

    Their website says evening so give it a couple more hours most likely.
  6. morethenjack

    Gaming Thread

    Red Dead 1 is notorious for having spaghetti code and for barely running on the platforms it's on, porting it to PC would have been a major operation. Rockstar has ported all their other recent titles to my knowledge so I would say it's a safe bet that this will be on PC in the near future.
  7. morethenjack

    LIVE Round 12 - Broncos vs Eels

    Kahu practicing kicks in the warm up.
  8. morethenjack

    LIVE Round 8 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    There is something off putting about the players walking out for an Anzac day match to the transformers theme.
  9. morethenjack

    What is happening at the Broncos?

    Jesus christ, I need a drink of water after all that salt.
  10. morethenjack

    POST GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Cowboys

    It was Margo Parker so I doubt it haha, She said it was the first game she had been to in a long time.
  11. morethenjack

    Nine axes Footy Show? Fatty gorrrn

    I was hoping it was the network trying to subtlety tell him to keep walking.
  12. morethenjack

    Nine axes Footy Show? Fatty gorrrn

    I saw the first 10-15. It was greatly improved from what I saw and the panel was actually discussing footy. They still need to get rid of Beau Ryan however, he's just as unfunny as ever.
  13. morethenjack

    Credit where credit's due

    God those things were delicious. I really wish they would bring them back.
  14. morethenjack

    Today I Learned

    I remember the world was meant to end in May 2011. I was so annoyed because after all those years of waiting I was still going to miss out on Duke Nukem Forever. From what I remember, the dude that predicted it even convinced members of his congregation to sell their houses and assets to pay...
  15. morethenjack

    LIVE Finals Week 1 - Roosters vs Broncos

    Where are the macca haters now? Scoring tries while not even in the team
  16. morethenjack

    LIVE Round 26 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    First hit up without an offload. Good start.
  17. morethenjack

    POST GAME Round 25 - Broncos vs Eels

    The Broncos doing their best to channel the Wallabies tonight.
  18. morethenjack

    Racism drama in the U20's

    Mate, I think you're a bit soft if this offends you.
  19. morethenjack

    The right to bag stuff out

    I've been told it is the same recipe as coke zero, the re branding was apparently because some people didn't realise coke zero meant zero sugar.

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