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  1. kaidenshipley

    Andrew McCullough: My diary of pain & hope

    My diary of pain & hope Andrew McCullough - Contributor September 19, 2017 I had never kept a diary before. It wasn’t really my go. Since I made the move from Dalby in the Darling Downs to Brisbane, I’ve been happy to live in the moment, set goals for the future and not spend too much time...
  2. kaidenshipley

    2014-15 NBA Season!

    With most squads beginning to compete in intra-squad scrimmages and participating in media days, the upcoming NBA season is quickly approaching. For referencing purposes. Off-season signings: 2014 Free Agency Signings : nba Off-season trades: 2014 Off-Season Trades : nba Depth charts for each...
  3. kaidenshipley

    NRL Stats

    Does anyone here know the record for most meters gained in a match by an individual player?
  4. kaidenshipley

    Ticket Prices!

    The single game ticket prices for each game this year are ridiculous! $52 for a SINGLE adult to attend the Broncos V Cowboys in round 1 in Maroon seating. How expensive can it get? This will inevitably force the average joe out of going to a game each week. See below for a full price list on...
  5. kaidenshipley


    I am looking at buying a pair of headphones, mainly for music, at around $200. Any recommendations of brand or type? Preferably over-the-ear headphones>
  6. kaidenshipley

    National Broadband Network

    Has anyone here experienced it? If so, what was it like? Which speed connection did you experience?
  7. kaidenshipley

    [Official] Scott Anderson to Wakefield

    He may not have played in as many games as he would have liked last year for the Brisbane Broncos but a new challenge awaits prop Scott Anderson, who has signed a 1-year deal with the Wakefield Wildcats. Anderson, who has also enjoyed a stint with the Melbourne Storm, played in 50 games for the...
  8. kaidenshipley

    Crowd in 2014!

    I think we, as Broncos supporters, need to lighten up the atmosphere at Broncos home games in 2014! I think we need to get chants going, and make the stadium ONE colour, MAROON, the way it should be! What do you guys think? Could someone pass this on to the people who control this sort of...
  9. kaidenshipley

    Player of the Year?

    Who is the Brisbane Broncos player of the year for 2013?
  10. kaidenshipley

    If you could pick any two halves to run our show. Who would they be?

    For mine it would have to be 6. JT (or Maloney) 7. Cronk

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