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    Have we gone a game without those fuckwits suspending one of our players? Seriously WTF
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    Simply the best

    Is there a Front row partnership in the NRL that can match Matt Lodge and Payne Haas right now? Personally I don't think there is, as a pair they just chew through the metres, there's not much between their good and bad games and they are defensively solid. You barely see them driven...
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    PLAYER Tevita Pangai Jr. Discussion

    Shouldn't be given a new contract worth more than what he is on right now. I'm over Carl Webb Mk II who shows up for maybe 1 game in 4 or 5. We shouldn't be breaking the bank to sign this guy to a new deal. I would even go as far as saying we shouldn't even bother trying. Offer him a 2 year...
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    Matt Lodge

    Anyone know what the Courier mail article is with Matt Lodge?
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    PR Disaster

    Can someone pkease post the PR Disaster article from the CM
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    Can you take a backpack into suncorp? Also an unopened bottle of water? Going early with my daughter for the super hero stuff etc, she'll be dressed in a full buck outfit with a cape and the backpack will be handy if she decides to ditch it . Bottle of water is self explanatory.
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    Big K Art

    I have shared my art on other forums so thought hey why not here to. I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and I'm completely self taught. Busted my wrist ( right wrist, right handed which sucks ) in my late teens and my hand has been buggered since. Makes drawing hard, and I...
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    Game Day Questions

    Ok my now 7 year old daughter has been asking me to take her to a Broncos game since the start of the season. I work every Friday and Saturday night so kinda ruled them out. I just bought tickets to take her to the Broncos v Tigers game on the Sunday. As much as I would love to watch the...

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