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  1. Broncos1995


    I'm looking at studying at Uni and I'm not to sure where study at? ATM I'm looking at studying Justice at QUT or Criminology at Griffith, but I'd thought i'd ask you guys what opinions on universities in Brisbane are.
  2. Broncos1995

    Favourite Roller Coaster rides

    What's you favorite roller coaster ride ? Have you had any bad experiences on one ? Any tips for someone who hasn't gone on one before ?
  3. Broncos1995

    Brisbane Broncos Bench Press

    I'm just wondering whether anyone knows how much the players bench. I've noticed Canberra and other clubs have how many kgs their players bench on their websites, but not the Broncos. Does anybody know ? If so like to know.
  4. Broncos1995

    Broncos Smash NRL Season Membership Record

    The NRMA Insurance Broncos have reached another historic milestone as the club officially hit 25,000 members. This is the first time in the 24-year history of the Broncos that such a mark has been reached, and also sees the Broncos become the first team in the NRL to reach 25,000. With...
  5. Broncos1995

    Brisbane Broncos on borrowed time ( Apprantly)

    Hey guys, I Thought i'd post this up. It's funny how people write us off. A lot has been made of the Brisbane Broncos’ stranglehold on Friday night football. It’s been called a disgrace and an unfair advantage over the rest of the clubs in the NRL. But Friday night football might just...
  6. Broncos1995

    Best/Worst Footballer you've met ?

    The best would be Petro Civenceva and Dane Carlaw The Worst the North Qld Cowboys team of 09, they wouldn't acknowledge there fans. BTW sorry if a thread like this has done before

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