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  1. holdzy

    Random Player Thread

    Let's discuss random players. For whatever reason they occur, praise them, bag them out. The good, the bad, the ugly. Thoughts, opinions, factoids - whatever. Paul Bowman - always one of my favourites during the early 00's for QLD. Lot's of heart - reminds me for some reason of Michael Morgan...
  2. holdzy


    So are there any fellow guitar enthusiasts here? Been playing for ages, for a little bit or always wanted to? This is your thread!
  3. holdzy

    VOTE Has Darius Boyd Ruined His Legacy?

    Given Boyd seems to want to play on next year, has he ruined his legacy for you as a Broncos fan? Vote/discuss.
  4. holdzy

    Anzac Day

    How does everyone spend the day?
  5. holdzy

    Will Darren Lockyer Be An Immortal?

    Will Locky be the next, or one of the two, next Immortals?
  6. holdzy

    One Last Game

    For those that enjoy re-watching old games, if you could only watch one game of footy again, which one would it be?
  7. holdzy

    Suncorp Stadium

    Or Lang Park. Anyone else lucky enough to play there in their lives? I was apart of two school teams who played our school/district comp GF's there - and won both.
  8. holdzy

    Top 5 most valuable Broncos players

    In terms of prior form and worth to the club, Milf is top of the list next to Boyd.
  9. holdzy

    First Four Games

    How many games do you think the Broncos will win from the first four rounds? Pretty tought start to the season, and I expect to win at least two of the first four.
  10. holdzy

    2017 - Thurston

    Is Thurston in line for a Lockyer like send off? Will it be like that year after year as the other QLD legends go? Could there be another streak??
  11. holdzy


    How long should we stick with this kid?

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