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  1. Rally Towel

    Gaming Thread

    I'm with you. Copy on pre-order. Reviews have been pretty positive, sounds like a pretty engaging experience with a ton of choices in build and story. I'm prepared to take a little bugginess at launch if it delivers otherwise. That said I'm loving Demon Souls as it is so I may push on with that...
  2. Rally Towel

    Members pack 2020

    Still got a pair. True classics never go out of style. Related note, more effort went into the rally towel design than any Broncos jersey over the last few years.
  3. Rally Towel

    OFFICIAL Broncos sign Dale Copley

    Despite perception as a depth signing, I imagine he'll see some game time next year. Particularly until Staggs returns. Dale is an out and out centre so I hope we don't push him to the wing again.
  4. Rally Towel

    Broncos positivity thread

    Honestly, there's a lot of work to be done but I think we'll surprise a few with our improvement in 2021. Haas, TPJ, Carrigan and Flegler can do great things up front provided minutes can be better balanced. Haas and Carrigan to start with Pangai and Big Tom to bring the rage from the bench...
  5. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Honestly we got tremendous efforts from everyone in the back line. Holmes channelled George Burgess at times but he made some top class runs.
  6. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Honestly is there any doubt this is Munster's team? He's the heart and soul of the side. DCE may be the captain in name but he still seems unable to synergise with his troops.
  7. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Full credit to the boys! Yew!
  8. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    A well “constructed“ try indeed Gus.
  9. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Sutton blowing the pea out of his whistle here. Just fucken relax aye.
  10. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Game of his career surely? Beast mode post contact metres.
  11. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    There it is! By a hair but that's a dagger to their heart. Give Grant all of our monies.
  12. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Credit to their defence, they've been resolute. We're not throwing a lot of shape at them though. They're just too flogged to throw much back. Need to put some depth into our play, they're eating it up on the goal line but we can score if we get them on their heels.
  13. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Pushing the same play too much. Move them around a bit, keep them guessing.
  14. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Aside from Teddy which threw the Blues into dissaray, Queensland is killing them with their aggression and line speed. It's cost them a few penalties on the Blues line but by and large we've got them rattled. Still some weapons on the Blues team but we've taken a lot of gas out of them with...
  15. Rally Towel

    POST GAME Game II Discussion Thread

    Class finish from Coates. Thought they'd left it a little tight but he gets it done. Oh for a goal kicker though...
  16. Rally Towel

    Siebold was never the problem, change my mind

    I've not been bothered to vent much as it's all been said already. However.... Seibold inherited a side full of attacking weapons/potential but lacking direction. Like many I had hopes he would bring a fresh approach and systems to squeeze the extra 10% the side was lacking to compete against...
  17. Rally Towel

    LIVE Round 11 - Broncos vs Storm

    While Seibs and the boys are breaking records, why not be the first team to concede 100 points?
  18. Rally Towel

    Gaming Thread

    I wouldn't say there's a huge lot between the two in terms of balance between exploration and action. Uncharted is the more engaging with the supporting cast that persists throughout.
  19. Rally Towel

    Gaming Thread

    Good choices, hope you've got a good deal of time on your hands though.... Uncharted 1 feels quite dated but still a fun jaunt if you persist. 2 is definitely the high point IMO, but I enjoyed my time throughout each instalment. Still consider TLOU the gold standard, absolute classic. Just...

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