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  1. Ghibli

    Neck specialists/surgeon

    Hey peeps, I hope that you have all been well during these trying times as a Broncos supporter, however I have a strange question. It has a lot to do with me not posting for a couple of years. Does anyone remember the neck specialist / surgeon that Matt Gillet was under the care of when he...
  2. Ghibli

    Drop kick try conversions?

    Are you still allowed to convert a try with a drop kick?
  3. Ghibli

    Web hosting

    Hi fellow internets geeks. I'm wanting to host a small blog that I've been working on. Anyone got any suggestions for hosting in Aus? I don't need much space, or Sql databases etc. Thanks in advance. bosko
  4. Ghibli

    Forum Avatar

    Hi good peeps - does anyone know how to get a picture to show as your avatar? This whiz-bang new forum is confusing me...
  5. Ghibli

    NSW have been getting worse

    I'm on holidays at the moment and courtesy of Bigpond Videos I have been watching the last 6 series wins of Qld in the 'State of Origin'; the thing that I have noted is that NSW have been gradually getting worse, both with who they're selecting and how they play the games. I guess my question...
  6. Ghibli

    Should McManus' try been called back?

    Not too sure of the rules, or I haven't even re-watched the try/game, but I thought I saw McManus catch that bomb in his in goal prior to him racing all the way for a try. Should it not have been a 20m restart?
  7. Ghibli

    Cable vs ADSL

    Hi peeps, Sick of my bigpond ADSL2+, lately I've been fluctuating between 4Mbps and 8Mbps. So I'm thinking about getting Cable installed, I've checked if it's available to me, and it is. Question I have, will Cable be quicker, and will the speed be more stable? Usually I would care, however I...
  8. Ghibli

    Need help!!!

    Hi peeps, Well I've decided to give the consultancy thing a crack, well it's 8 weeks straight in Gladstone, on a major construction site. Fantastic opp, however I love my internet, any ideas how I can get internet in Gladstone? Would I have to go wireless/3G? I'll have a laptop, and...
  9. Ghibli

    Can someone help me with my internet speeds?

    Hi peeps, Looking for some help re. my internet speed. If I post my modem stats can someone tell me what speed that is?
  10. Ghibli

    "Official Site" Link

    Why does the link at the top of this forum take me to the Titans website?
  11. Ghibli

    Earphones - what type should I get

    Hey peeps, my iPod Touch earphones (just the Apple type) are falling apart, so I need to get a new pair. What brand/type should I buy? The regular Apple ones again? Tell me what type you use, and what you'd recommend me to get based on the following: a) Must be earphones (i.e. not headphones)...
  12. Ghibli

    Can someone explain...

    The downtown rule? And is it current?
  13. Ghibli

    Evidence of poor video ref decisions

    Hi Peeps, I thought that I would post some of my thoughts around the poor decisions from the 1st Origin. I'll do a different one every day, and get some discussion around it (Thanks to Nashy for his sooper dooper uploader) First is the Watmough try off the Waterhouse contest for a bomb about...
  14. Ghibli

    Origin in 3D

    I've been looking into this whole 3D TV thing, the ads in the football generated my interest. Now the story goes that Sony, and some other electronics manufacturer's have developed TVs that can either use its hardware to generate a 3d image, or if the telecast is in 3D (i.e. the cameras filming...
  15. Ghibli

    Blackberry Phones

    Hi peeps, I'm thinking about getting a Blackberry (paid for by work) and wonder which one I should get, the two available to me are below: Blackberry Bold 9700 Blackberry Bold 9000 Any thoughts on which I should go for? Nashy?
  16. Ghibli

    My early x-mas present!

    Hi peeps, Got my x-mas pressy early today, brand new iMac 27 inch widescreen, 4 gb ram, 1TB hard disk, 512mb vid, core i5 processor etc. Looks beautiful replacing my 20 inch white iMac...
  17. Ghibli

    BHQ Crew - Rd 4

    A come from behind win tonight, we were down 6-3 about midway through the 2nd half, after some more direct and purposeful running we drew level with about 5 to go; then Stu grabbed a great try to put us infront. Luke, Coxy, Hammo and Andy came up with some great defence in the last couple of...
  18. Ghibli

    phpBB Help

    Hi peeps, I need some help with my phpBB I've installed. All is working, however still in UAT environment. I was wondering how you can make it that if a person submits a post, a Moderator/Admin has to approve it before it appears? Cheers all, bosko
  19. Ghibli

    Web server help

    Hi peeps, I need some help with my web server. I have a simple website that requires you to login in to view the pages, there are docs (e.g. PDF, word files etc.) that are linked off the pages; but if you email the link of a doc anyone can open it. Therefore, how can you make sure that your...
  20. Ghibli

    BHQ Crew - Round 2

    We were down a few tonight, Rubez and Adrian were away. But tonight is one of the best defensive games BHQ Crew has ever played! Score was 7-0. Ryan bagged at least a double, same with Hammo, Luke and newbie Cameron got one each, and Grant ran a nice gap off Hammo (yes that's right, Hammo passed...

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