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  1. Crazy Sam

    Super League heritage jersey

    from twitter (diehardtitans), I assume the real deal.
  2. Crazy Sam

    NYC 2014 Jersey poll

    Designs are here: Official Site of the NRMA Insurance Broncos | BRONCOS 2013 SEASON MEMBERSHIP ON SALE NOW! Voting is here (right side, down the page): Official Site of the NRMA Insurance Broncos | 2014 Membership on sale now I prefer 9 and 5. 6 looks like a kids supporter shirt or pyjamas.
  3. Crazy Sam

    Men's Hockey Champion's Trophy in Melbourne this week

    The Men's Hockey Champion's Trophy is on Melbourne at the moment. It started yesterday and goes through til next Sunday and features the top 6 teams in the world. Australia beat Korea yesterday 4-0 then had a 7-2 win over the Netherlands this afternoon. check out this screamer of a goal from...
  4. Crazy Sam

    Google Maps/Earth - street view now available for aus. Street View is now available for australian cities on google maps. :) Is your street covered in it? My current house isn't. Still, it's a pretty awesome feature.
  5. Crazy Sam

    computer problems

    okay so I don't know if any of you experienced today's storm on the northside of brissy (especially the two massive lightning/thunder strikes) but the first of the two massive strikes seems to have claimed my computer as a victim. now it won't turn on. I have it (and stereo and modem) all...

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