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  1. Kimlo

    -NEWS- Lord Vlandys Speaks
  2. Kimlo

    Indigenous Vs Maori All Stars

    Who's watching? We got Jordan Riki starting in the backrow and potential Bronco this season Isaac Luke on the bench. I'm just excited for some rugby league.
  3. Kimlo

    OFFICIAL Brisbane Broncos sign John Cartwright, Terry Matterson as Kevin Walters’ assistants

    Courier Mail CM is saying Cartwright and Matterson have signed two years deals. “I’m very happy with the people I’m putting in place,” Walters said.“There is a lot of work to be done and I can’t do this all on my own, I need a good team around me. “I’m not sure if they have signed yet but...
  4. Kimlo

    -NEWS- Darius Boyd can't deal with Seibold

    “The leadership group has two groups within it,” Lockyer said. “There are individuals there who are developing leaders such as Pat Carrigan, Payne Haas and Brodie Croft and then there are the experienced leaders like Alex Glenn, Matt Lodge, Ben Te’o and Tevita. “With the COVID restrictions, it...
  5. Kimlo

    OFFICIAL Titans get their man with Fifita signing three-year deal

    Dan Walsh & Joel Gould - Sat 25 Jul 2020, 02:47 PM The Gold Coast have landed the biggest recruitment raid in the club's history with Brisbane's David Fifita agreeing to terms on a multi-million dollar, three-year Titans deal. Fifita has brought one of the more...
  6. Kimlo

    -NEWS- No clause for concern: Seibold not fussed over contract conjecture

    Broncos coach Anthony Seibold insists there are no performances clauses in his five-year contract that can trigger his sacking if his team does not achieve certain results. The subject of Seibold’s contract and performance clauses was a hot one at the coach’s media conference on Thursday due to...
  7. Kimlo

    Paul White Announces Final Year as CEO

    So it looks like Paul White is re-signing for one year only and is then leaving. I'm happy with that, 10 years is long enough for any CEO. Cya. The only real concern is the old cliche "better the devil you know". I have many criticisms of White but he's also very good in many areas however I...
  8. Kimlo

    RUMOUR Darius Boyd and Paul White Standing Down

    Darius Boyd ‘has captained his last game’: Heads to roll at Broncos after Bankwest humiliation Brisbane is reportedly looking for a new captain after reports veteran Darius Boyd will step down from the role immediately. With the club left embarrassed in the biggest finals beating ever seen in...
  9. Kimlo

    -NEWS- 'You either do your job or you die': Seibold says Broncos ready for finals footy

    By Laine Clark - September 15, 2019 — 11.24am They may have only scraped into the NRL finals, but eighth-placed Brisbane have done enough to make coach Anthony Seibold swell with pride over his first – and at times tumultuous – season at the helm. But Seibold says he is far from satisfied ahead...
  10. Kimlo

    Australia VS New Zealand

    Who's watching? Our International halfback has been excellent so far.
  11. Kimlo

    Finals Week #1

    Friday 7:40pm - Melbourne Storm vs South Sydney Rabbitohs Saturday 5:30pm - Penrith Panthers vs New Zealand Warriors 7:40pm - Sydney Roosters vs Cronulla Sharks Sunday 4:10pm - Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons
  12. Kimlo

    NRL on course for TV ratings victory over AFL

    At the halfway mark of the season, the NRL is set to eclipse the AFL as the most watched football code on TV in 2018. If current trends continue, the NRL will have a higher premiership season audience than the AFL for the first time since 2011. The Oztam ratings relate only to club games in...
  13. Kimlo

    Billy Slater Speed

    So this guy turns 35 this year, and looks as fast as ever? I'm struggling to think of any other player who at 35 is still as quick as he is. Thoughts? One off freak of nature? Storm training program? Pure determination to stay super fit?
  14. Kimlo

    RUMOUR Why Kevin Walters could capitalise on sensational North Queensland ultimatum to coach Paul Green

    Why Kevin Walters could capitalise on sensational North Queensland ultimatum to coach Paul Green KEVIN Walters could emerge as the big winner from a stunning NRL coaching circus which has been dumped in the space of a few hours. Walters announced a shock decision to step down as Brisbane’s...
  15. Kimlo

    POST GAME Round 1 - Eels vs Broncos

    First game done and dusted. Thoughts?
  16. Kimlo

    Round 1 - Eels vs Broncos

    First game of the year! How good is it to have the NRL back on?
  17. Kimlo

    Grand Final Fever!!!!

    How good is this!!!? Hell yes ladies and gentlemen. We're in the big one! I love you Bennett!
  18. Kimlo

    NRL TV Rights Deal

    NRL TV rights: The $1.7 billion broadcast deal that will transform rugby league Click link above for full story The TV deal is obviously a huge part of the revenue the game makes, so this is worth a discussion. Personally, I can't wait for every game to be live and in HD. Should've happened...
  19. Kimlo

    VOTE Is the NRL Salary Cap Working?

    Time for a discussion guys. Let me just get one thing out of the way first... Don't make accusations of illegal activity without a valid source! Now onto the topic itself, is the salary cap working? The idea was with a salary cap all teams would be getting an equal share of talent, but do you...
  20. Kimlo

    Stephen Kearney - NZ Coach

    So what do you guys think of Kearney as a coach at rep level? My memory isn't the greatest but I feel like he's done a good job with the kiwis, and possibly even overachieved in his time with them, obviously with the World Cup win being the highlight of his rep coaching career. They always suck...

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