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  1. ethos

    2020 Origin Discussion

    Also like this side. Slight tweaks though, I'd swap Hunt and Grant. Would also start with Tino for one of McGuire or Arow - just go hell for leather early. Plus he'd have gone through a few high intensity finals matches with Melbourne.
  2. ethos

    VOTE Which two players do we miss the most?

    Honestly, Josh McGuire? On that list. Glenn, being the skipper, and Turpin, considering first choice hooker. Bird after that. He has a bit of competitive mongrel and was probably the best all 'round choice at fullback. Although considering his injury problems, perhaps not the wisest choice...
  3. ethos

    2020 Origin Discussion

    Like this team. Mann wasn't even on my radar. If Wests continue upward, Mbye could be a chance of jagging a centre spot. As immense as Gagai has been in Origin, he got pulled (pretty sure no injury) for Roberts at Souths against Penrith. Think Welch will make it in. And I wouldn't be averse to...
  4. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 7 - Broncos vs Titans

    This. The team isn't winning any contact and under the new rules things can snowball very quickly. Andrew Johns pointed it out after the Knights loss. There was a kick-off return where Haas was left to make a one-on-one tackle. From there the set is shot. Less time to get set at marker, get back...
  5. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 5 - Sea Eagles vs Broncos

    The roster is the roster, which is a whole other issue. But maintaining we need two players to share hooker duties. Dearden off the bench with Paix starting. Cannot believe Seibold's plan was to take Paix off and have Isaako seemingly defend in the middle to bring on Nui at fullback...
  6. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 4 - Broncos vs Roosters

    When McCullough left, my first thought was 'ahhhh, bet Turpin cops an injury'. Agree with Big Pete's sentiments. It's a big ask for Turpin to play 80 at this point of his career under the new rules. Even bigger ask for Paix on debut against the premiers. And if you're benching a winger to...
  7. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 3 - Broncos vs Eels

    Think it was flagged by Seibold, but reckon we'll see a fair bit of shuffling on the bench. Especially with managing Turpin's longer minutes and giving Paix and all the forwards a run in the absence of the state competition. Plus, they're all young .. don't want no burn out.
  8. ethos

    Ben Ikin: Sorry Darius, Maybe you need to Harden Up

    Ikin’s comments oversimplify a complex thing. Someone who is in a position to speak about mental health and playing top-level league is Greg Inglis.
  9. ethos

    POST GAME Round 1 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    Evidently early days and who knows what the comp will look like considering the pandemic .. BUT really good signs of the team playing to their strengths. Barged down the door mostly off Haas, halves took on the line and quick ball to the backrowers and centres. Seemed less of working to...
  10. ethos

    Nines / Trial Games

    Think Bird, Carrigan and Arthars stocks all rose after that one. Hadn't really seen anything of Arthars but made some really good reads in defence. Plus if he can keep hitting holes off Milford, no reason not to pick him .. Bird looked the better of he and Isaako at fullback. However, did have...
  11. ethos

    Broncos 2020 Squad

    I reckon it'll be an improved season. Longer pre-season under Seibold. Young guys with an extra year under their belt. Regardless of his own performance, hopefully some consistent direction from Croft. Really, the game plan shouldn't be too complex. Play with numbers up the middle and get...
  12. ethos

    2020 Origin Discussion

    So slim in the centres .. Reckon Corey Horsburgh could be a chance in the pack with inevitable injuries. Also not completely averse to Norman (/someone in exceptionally good form) at five-eighth, Munster at the back and Ponga in the middle off the bench.
  13. ethos

    Name your top 5 Broncos

    That I was. Thoroughly unheralded player (in those one or two seasons he was decent ha). Overall .. 1. Darren Lockyer - Best player I've seen. Andrew Johns probably had a higher ceiling but wasn't up there enough. Lockyer was consistently great. Dominated two positions. Countless clutch plays...
  14. ethos

    POST GAME Round 21 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    An absolute hot mess. Honestly don't know what to think of this team. So many shortcomings but as it stands we're seventh and could be as high as eighth by the end of the round. The spine is a shambles but to be expected when the halfback at the start of the year is gone, the fullback and...
  15. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 20 - Broncos vs Storm

    Too big an ask for Coates against the Storm. Good to hear he improved for Tweed, but obviously a different kettle of fish against the NRL leaders. The more the week goes, the more I'm looking forward to this match though. Feel Brisbane will be up.
  16. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 19 - Titans vs Broncos

    Give Carrigan a start a lock and TPJ back to the fringe!
  17. ethos

    -NEWS- The Brisbane Broncos’ secret weapon for disrupting the NRL top eight

    Melbourne are three wins clear at the top of the ladder this season. Brisbane has beaten them four times in 27 starts since the 2006 grand final. Not impossible, but I'm writing off those two competition points. Interestingly Melbourne knocked out Brisbane in the three finals series (2007, 2008...
  18. ethos

    -NEWS- The Brisbane Broncos’ secret weapon for disrupting the NRL top eight

    Titans, Storm, Cowboys, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Eels and Bulldogs. It's not the worst run home ever. Storm games are a write off. Fear the Rabbitohs will be hitting their stride by then, but would back Brisbane to be in the contest against the rest.
  19. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 19 - Titans vs Broncos

    ... imagining someone running without lifting their knees. Interesting to see what Seibold does with the halves. Reckon it'll be Boyd/Dearden or O'Sullivan if they're fit. McCullough at nine and Turpin on the bench. Brisbane need to keep TPJ on an edge. He's just so dangerous, and opens up...
  20. ethos

    PRE-GAME Round 18 - Broncos vs Bulldogs

    The Glenn move is a good one and should have been done last week. Brisbane has got more depth in the forwards at the moment than outside backs.
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