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  1. POST GAME Round 18 - Broncos vs Bulldogs

    I thought it a bit harsh on Turpin, but then the spine has copped it all season for their mistakes and I guess he had to have his share. He did make mistakes but he is playing out of position and I thought he was a 6, with macca a 7.5, but perhaps I'm a little generous in my appraisal for those...
  2. POST GAME Round 18 - Broncos vs Bulldogs

    I would say he played well. He set up two tries, tackled hard and led our attack well. Perhaps not great as Milford did most of the kicking but good.
  3. NEWS Milestone man Macca eyes life at Red Hill

    They both came and went under griffin. Bennet actually expressed suprise about the Granville decision.
  4. NEWS Broncos sign Jesse Arthars

    Sounds like an ent out of "Lord Of The Rings" with a name like that.
  5. POST GAME Round 16 - Sharks vs Broncos

    That was a heroic win. Tpj played wonderfully, as did glen. Whilst coated got the occolades, I thought farnsworth was the more solid in his performance. I'm extremely worried about our right side defence but with all the rookies it's hard to be critical. The old boys played well and the young...
  6. NEWS Broncos need to have tough conversation with Boyd

    I'm sorry but that sounds crap. No coach would agree to having someone else decide who plays and who doesn't. If it were the case he would have resigned there and then. Other coaches have had to stand up to pushy officialdom within clubs. Bennet did. Griffin did. If you can't, find something...
  7. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Imagine if we signed david fifita. Talk about a commentators curse :P
  8. PRE-GAME Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    If as many see it, our season is over, then I suspect the starting team for 2020 should be picked from next week on. It will give the side a chance to train and play the way they want it, without an eye on the win/loss result. If Siebold has some grand strategy many allude to, then now is as...
  9. Has Ben Hunt come of age

    I thought it was very good considering he played 80 minutes at hooker (no small feat for a player not doing it at club level). He made a couple of loose passes but he all but kicked a 40/20, forced attackers to lose the ball in tackles and worked his guts out. I think it was very good and more...
  10. NEWS Andrew McCullough’s complicated contract a headache for Broncos

    I think Macca is the one player that would lift most of the clubs he would go to. He has been average playing 80 minutes, giving us an extra slot on the bench to use in whatever way we see fit. We blame him for that. The truth is that not one more line break from dummy half or magical pass has...
  11. Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Isn't this just the way for some clubs. Win a premiership, spend 3 or 4 years in the wilderness with a budget team, then try to repeat.
  12. NEWS Haas’s sacrifice ahead of Origin push

    I'd actually be selecting him as a bench frontrower. He has played as well as anyone, often in an underperforming side. He has showed he can play 80 minutes but at this stage, stint as an impact player would as llow him to come to grips with it without being overwhelmed. I don't buy that he...
  13. Brisbane Broncos matches

    Imagine if we tried to go from 5 metres to metres today with the current fear of penalties. We'd end up with a 6 metre ruck.
  14. Brisbane Broncos matches

    I don't know why and I know they don't hit as hard or play the ball as quick but this game looks so much better than whats on offer today. Watching all those bodies in motion for the broncos with offloads constantly being supported, and the energy they seemed to put into every play makes me...
  15. The Federal Election

    Don't you need funding for government services? Don't we already have a regressive tax in the GST that has failed to have been updated in its compensation mechanism since after its reception? Are you expecting the poor to pay for services to the rich? Currently, we do. Look at financial revenue...
  16. The Federal Election

    Billionaires employ millions? Where? The majority of australians are employed in government services, then s
  17. The Federal Election

    All I know is life will be pretty hard for me for the next few years. I've watched wage rises become less and less frequent and collective bargaining turn into individual begging. Our wages are now set against both the cost and expectation of the transfer of our jobs overseas or their...
  18. POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    I thought after a shaky start with those terrible passes, boyd was ok, and as captain was sending the right messages to his teammates. He quickly cut out those passes in his play and got on with things. It wasn't his best game but there were worse out there. There were more than a few errors...
  19. POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Yeah, a player with back up in a role means they don't need to worry about pacing themselves for an 80 minute performance. It is worth noting the last two game we had more than 50% possession. I think we need to temper our expectations with that fact. Whilst it would be good to have that every...
  20. POST GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Actually I think it was just one of those things that happens after that 65 minute mark. Refs seem to look for those for a team behind (I hate it but we get them too). I actually thought we got the rub of the green with the refs early on tonight. There were a few 50/50 decisions that went our...

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