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  1. Dazza 92

    Is this why we cant re-sign our young guys?

    I didnt consider this angle to be honest. Per the story. Do you think that maybe player managers are recommending some of our young guys to hold back from signing with us to see if...
  2. Dazza 92

    Karmichael Hunt - Highlights.

    Just a quick reminder of the type of talent this club can identify, nuture and turn into representative stars
  3. Dazza 92

    V'landys talks the talk, is he about to walk the walk?

    Found this of genuine interest when i read it; keen to hear others thoughts... From the Zero tackle website; "ARLC boss Peter V’landys has suggested the post-season slot for State of Origin could become a permanent fixture in the NRL season, with the series’ eligibility rules also facing a...
  4. Dazza 92

    Have the Titans just saved Brisbane from itself?

    So, from the off; this isnt original content per see; its more a amalgamation of me talking to various people, reading, researching and listening to podcasts etc... So, has the Gold Coast just saved Brisbane from itself? When you drill into it, its amazing to think that, as a percentage of a...
  5. Dazza 92

    Broncos Record breaking coach is safe

    interesting.... Mod Edit - After Presser; “We will stay the course. “We will keep providing the necessary support but we are acutely aware of the position we are in. “We know we are up against it. “I want to reinforce our support for the coach, the coaching staff and the playing group. “We are...
  6. Dazza 92

    Where does the club go to from here...?

    Id like to discuss options; fair dinkum reasonably debated and doable solutions to turn this club around before the end of the season. A premiership title tilt is gone, likely a finals appearance now we have reduced games. So....what "should" we do come round 5 and for the rest of the H&A...
  7. Dazza 92

    Does Alex Glenns injury open the door for Teo'o?

  8. Dazza 92

    What i want to see Round 1 v Cowboys at Townsville

    Putting on my QLD hat; i recently visited Townsville and its a fuckin dump. But i know the amount of blood sweat tears and cash went into this stadium, and for the sake of the Townsville CBD, i really hope it provides the benefits many are hoping for. Thus its only right the Cowboys christian...
  9. Dazza 92

    Walker Brothers keen to join as assistant coaches at NRL side Thoughts.....????
  10. Dazza 92

    Director of Football

    Question; do we need one? What would he do? who is qualified to be approached? Good idea or bad idea? Discuss.
  11. Dazza 92

    Thy Holy Trinity

    The Father - Haas The Son - Turps The Holy Ghost - ....????? 1565995505 "Haas is my name, and fucking up Muthfuckers is my game..." Shoutout to Dolomite....
  12. Dazza 92

    OPINION A suggested new Broncos coach for the 2020 season

    Brisbane are very pleased to announce their new coach for the 2020 season, seen here driving down Caxton street for his first media conference... It is hoped his steady hand, refusal to look facts in the face and culture of "ignorance is bliss" will propel the club to that long elusive...
  13. Dazza 92

    Sharks over salary cap in 2020 as SIX players take up half the money ....a sobering reminder of why Brisbane did what it did with moving on Roberts, Nikorima etc... Also something to bear in mind when we talk about...
  14. Dazza 92

    Boyd's Composure Helping Fifita Score Ummm.....what......?????!!!!!!1
  15. Dazza 92

    Aiden Sezer for Broncos

    What do we think?; sure he isn't tier 1 halfback but if Raiders seriously dont want him anymore I think it would be ignorance of the highest order if our recruitment team didn't enquire about his feelings about playing with us. He is a guy who can organise, can kick conversions and in general...
  16. Dazza 92

    Nomad Productions

    hey BroncoHQ members... search the above title in YouTube, some bloke (no...not me) is posting 1990 era Broncos vids of full club games for our viewing pleasure... Reckon we should support a fellow Broncs nut and besides....who doesn't want to revisit those old games..?? Check it out..!
  17. Dazza 92

    The Mole reports Isaako for Corey Allen swap imminent

    ...discuss.....or is this mudraking...???
  18. Dazza 92

    Blues make 7 changes to SOO squad; no Broncos feature for NSW

    SO...!!!....Good to see NSW revert to type. 7 changes, no Payne Haas included, Latrell is dumped making it harder for me to find someone to really boo...(I'm sure ill find someone). What does the Broncos HQ feel about Haas's exclusion, given Siebs comments about his team thinking rep games...
  19. Dazza 92

    What's the best Broncos related podcast out there..?

    like the headline says; anyone got any recommendations about specific Broncos podcasts and are they any good? If not, should we have a BroncoHQ podcast...??
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