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    Boyd - I'm trying too hard

    Well I thought we didn't have enough discussion on Boyd here so I thought I'd post this little gem. have fun and play nice.
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    If you were broncos coach

    Alright, I think we all agree we suck pretty badly at the moment, so if you were teleported into Seibold, what would you do? What would your 17 be? I'm interested to see who individuals lineups would be, if they would put project players into the squad, would they bench/drop half the team, would...
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    Demetriou gone

    No big surprise I guess. Move topic where necessary. Sounds like he might be left in the lurch - not going to Souths, not staying at the Broncs. IMO if I was him I'd chase a gig in the SL - prove yourself as a head coach then wait for the merry-go-round to open up a free spot.
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    Andrew McCullough - The Great Enigma

    I do wonder when McCullough is gonna have the heat on him, most of the people that praised him all seem to be a lot more reserved with his development or are outright off the bandwagon entirely. At one stage I guess we all thought he'd kick on, but he hasn't, so it begs the question - when does...
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    Interview with someone associated with Brisbane

    I'm not 100% sure if this is in the right forum, but anyway. I'm doing journalism and for this subject I've gotta interview a few people with a topic of our own choosing. I'm doing the roles and responsibilities of the media when it comes to the promotion of young athletes, so as well as...
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    What's the point of "the greatest cup never run?"

    Don't usually post here and don't follow the horses much, but i've seen this "greatest cup never run" simulation and I have to ask WTF is the point? I don't admit to knowing a shitload about racing, but, was there ever really any doubt that Phar Lap was going to win? He's the most romanticized...
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