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    POST GAME Round 11 - Roosters vs Broncos

    Luckily he was not in a Broncos shirt or he could start planning for 2022 season
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    OFFICIAL Tom Dearden lost to Cowboys

    He may be all that you say, but he was making the point that Milford has not earnt his pay. Now you may feel that Alexander is a ****, but in this case most people would agree with his sentiment including Kevin Walters.
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    OFFICIAL Tom Dearden lost to Cowboys

    Alexander stated that Milford was overpaid. I agreed. You stated that Brandy is a fucking fool & anyone that agrees with him is a fool. So you are saying that I am a fool because I agreed with him. If you cannot see that then I am beyond words.
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    OFFICIAL Tom Dearden lost to Cowboys

    So you are saying that Milford was worth $1m per season. If this is what you believe I know who the fool is.
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    OFFICIAL Tom Dearden lost to Cowboys

    Given that he has copped $1m a season for bludging for a few years, I would reckon he should be paying to play. Greg Alexander was right .
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    RUMOUR Bennett to return to Red Hill?

    Well in reality, yes.
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    RUMOUR Bennett to return to Red Hill?

    Not sure Bennett would want to destabilise the opponent this week. I reckon he would be keen for them to just keep purring along oh so smoothly as usual.
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    RUMOUR Bennett to return to Red Hill?

    Ummmm the corpse has his team at $4.40, whilst Broncos are $101 to win the premiership.
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    The big thing we are overlooking

    Nailed it. Signing the kids purely off a try scoring list is just lazy we are seeing the results on a weekly basis. Storm never seem to sign the so called junior guns. What they do better than anyone else is identify the juniors that have enough ability, but also have a work ethic &...
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    -NEWS- Cameron Smith announces retirement

    Problem is he still keeps getting clicks. Clicks equals $. It is simply a case of starving him & his ilk of oxygen. No clicks equals dole queue. Unfortunately it is not that simple because simple people keep viewing his drivel, giving him oxygen
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    -NEWS- Top Bronco sends SOS to Israel

    Shit I tick all those boxes on this list. Well maybe not the gay one.
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    OFFICIAL Dave Donaghy Named New Broncos CEO

    So if Donaghy is not employed by us he should be free to tell us all he wants about the Storm? It is a non-compete clause, so he is not competing with them if he does not have a job? Someone with more legal nous than me care to comment ?
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    -NEWS- Cameron Smith announces retirement

    After our showing last night Cameron Smith will retire.
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    -NEWS- Broncos captain annoints "new Sonny Bill"

    How bout something radical here? Why do we not unearth the next Gilly, Gary Larson, Dallas Johnson ? You know, blokes with a bit of work ethic, pride in their performance, never let you down types. No tatts, pretty boy hair-dos, shaved legs in those blokes, just plenty of mongrel tough.
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    2021 Trial #2 - Broncos vs Cowboys [LIVE STREAM]

    Simple reason. Too many players whose parents have never had a job, let alone not been incarcerated. Tattoos, hairstyles, shaved legs count for shit on the paddock. Same with junior league scrapbooks. Our scouts are a joke . A dead dog can spot a talented junior, its no secret. A good talent...
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    -NEWS- Cameron Smith announces retirement

    I've backed out turds with more credibility than a lot of today's so called sports journos. When you had limited media coverage of league back in the day, journos gave us the news. Now we have 24/7 coverage & they have to invent pure dribble to fill in the hours. Would be cool if these potatoes...
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    Let him piss off today. Pretty sure if he asks for release we don't pay a cent. Win, win.
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    -NEWS- Payne speaks

    Sorry, teammates.
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    -NEWS- Payne speaks

    What are these things that you mention? Not beer, not rum, not real!!! Betcha the great Tommy R would've beaten the shit outta people for drinking this shit.
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    -NEWS- Matt Lodge, Jordan Riki, Ben Te’o and Alex Glenn are heroes

    Even though you've put inverted commas around the word journos, it's still a bit of a stretch.....
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