2019 Season Predictions

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  1. Fitzy


    type in order your top 16 at the end of the regular season as well as your premiership winner prediction.
  2. Please don't write titles in all caps, I've changed the thread title.

    Broncos to be premiers 2019.

    Parra 16th.
    Souths Minor Premiership.
  3. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    1 Souths
    2 Sydney
    3 Penrith
    4 NQ
    5 Melb
    6 Stg
    7 Newc
    8 Bris
    9 GC
    10 NZ
    11 Cron
    12 Parra
    13 Canb
    14 Cant
    15 Manly
    16 Wests

    Premiers: Roosters
  4. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    Titans to have a good year. Maybe bottom half of the top 8 finish.
  5. badyon

    badyon QCup Player

    Top 4

    Sydney City
    South Sydney

    Dangerous on their day


    Dark horses

    Sea Eagles



    Shouldn't even be in comp

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  6. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    Melbourne to miss out on finals footy.
    Penrith and Souths to go out of the finals in first week.
    Paramatta tie with Manly for wooden spoon.
    Sharks miss out on the eight too and Gallen signs for one more year.
    Warriors to just miss out on minor premiers and lose to the Broncos in the GF.
    Alf wins a trifecta at Doomben.
  7. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Premiership contenders

    bottom half of the 8
    Wests Tigers

    The nothing seasoners


    All in no particular order except the bottom 4, those are deadset certainties. Manly and Parra will play the spoon bowl in Round 24 with Parra barely earning it yet again.

    Speaking of, it's truly amazing that the Sharks are the club that are facing such uncertainty and turmoil having just won a premiership within the last 5 years, while Parramatta have royally sucked for over 2 decades along with numerous big scandals of their own yet they are sitting pretty.

    Melbourne are in for an average year by their standards after losing Slater to retirement and Smith getting long in the tooth. I also don't think much of the youngsters they blooded this year just yet. They have big shoes to fill.
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  8. Morkel


    The big movers will be the Sea Eagles who improve, the Storm that start the dive, and the Warriors that complete it. The rest is just shuffling slightly, but once again, the single biggest factor will be injuries.

    01 Roosters: Shockingly (sarcasm), lost Napa and gained Crichton. They'll be tough to beat.
    02 Rabbitohs: Assuming Bennett can get the Burgii to fire.
    03 Broncos: If we can stay injury free, and the young pack learn from last year, we'll fire.
    04 Sharks: Despite the issues, still a great squad, and Johnson will excel behind a consistently tough pack.

    05 Panthers: A better balanced side than last year, but I'm still not convinced.
    06 Sea Eagles: Something about them, maybe the Turbo bros, has me thinking they'll surprise this year.
    07 Dragons: Will win enough games just from their pack to make the 8.
    08 Storm: Smith will drag them in to the 8, but their fade has already started.

    09 Raiders: Ricky just doesn't know how to coach halves. Very talented squad, but too dumb to play consistently.
    10 Cowboys: Are a better team than 2018 showed, even without JT, who was a passenger anyway.
    11 Eels: Some handy signings and some really tough forwards, but even minus Norman their halves are not thinkers.
    12 Knights: Their roster is getting better, but most are being signed for overs and that'll mean poor depth.

    13 Bulldogs: Still have a year or two of pain until the back-ending saga allows them to field a competitive squad.
    14 Warriors: Losing Johnson, and with no sight of a replacement, has them bombing badly.
    15 Titans: Really need an older, experience half to get the most out of their team. Some good forwards, but shit backs.
    16 Tigers: Get yo' spoon here.
  9. Just talking in terms of regular season standings, I think this is roughly where it'll end up -

    1. Roosters
    2. Rabbitohs
    3. Panthers
    4. Knights
    5. Broncos
    6. Sharks
    7. Cowboys
    8. Storm
    9. Dragons
    10. Titans
    11. Sea Eagles
    12. Warriors
    13. Raiders
    14. Eels
    15. Tigers
    16. Bulldogs
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  10. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    1. Roosters
    2. Panthers
    3. Bunnies
    4. Broncos
    5. Storm
    6. Cowboys
    7. Dragons
    8. Knights
    9. Sharks
    10. Raiders
    11. Titans
    12. Warriors
    13. Eels
    14. Tigers
    15. Manly
    16. Bulldogs
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  11. Top 4
    The only team I'm confident about being there is the Sydney Roosters. With a year under their belt I can see Tedesco and Radley being more comfortable in their respective roles and Crichton will provide more penetration on that right fringe. It remains to be seen how Morris will go on the right edge filling in for Ferguson, but it's a case of the strengths outweighing the weaknesses. I don't know if they'll be minor premiers, it depends on how their younger stars handle the spotlight, but I'd be shocked if they missed the 4.

    I don't have as much confidence in Melbourne, but at the same time, I feel the details of their demise have been greatly exaggerated. Bellamy still has one of the best defensive schemes in the game and the players they have coming through are world class. It's just a question of how they go without Billy & Cronk. We've seen them survive without Billy, last year they made it to the GF without Cronk, but now they've got to do it without both. It's all easier said than done, but with Bellamy at the helm and all the returning players they'll keep putting their hand up.

    Bennett's appointment hasn't changed my opinion on Souths. They'll have an extremely tough time replicating 2018, especially with Crichton out of the picture and they don't have the talent coming through. Their best bet is GI and S. Burgess, but even then I'm skeptical they'll be able to perform outside of the big moments. It's one thing to turn the game in Round 8, but can you do it in Round 12, 15, 18, Round 22 through to 24? I just don't think those players can back it up anymore.

    Cronulla are a basket case and have virtually taken themselves out of the running before a ball was even kicked. Every year one top team has an awful off-season and this year it appears to be the Sharks turn. I wouldn't be surprised if their problems continue to pile up and would have to think a Top 8 spot would be an achievement all things considered.

    I seem to have a higher opinion of the Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Knights and Eels than most as well.
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  12. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Raiders for mine are no chance this year
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  13. Sproj


    Purely based on paper in my opinion:

    1. Roosters
    2. Dragons
    3. Panthers
    4. Broncos
    5. Storm
    6. Warriors
    7. Rabbitohs
    8. Cowboys
    9. Knights
    10. Sea Eagles
    11. Sharks
    12. Raiders
    13. Titans
    14. Bulldogs
    15. Tigers
    16. Eels

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