OFFICIAL 2023 Draw

FREE TO AIR (Channel 9) in Blue

Round 5: TIGERS - SAT, April 1, 6.35pm Qld (SUNCORP)
Round 6: RAIDERS - SAT, April 8, 7.35pm (SUNCORP) - Easter Saturday
Round 7: TITANS - SAT, April 15, 7.35pm (Cbus)
Round 8: EELS - FRI, April 21, 7.55pm (Darwin) - ANZAC Round
Round 9: RABBITOHS - FRI, April 28, 8pm (SUNCORP)
Round 10: MANLY - FRI, May 5, 8.05pm (SUNCORP) - Magic Round
Round 11: STORM - THU, May 11, 7.50pm (AAMI Park)
Round 12: PANTHERS - THU, May 18, 7.50pm (SUNCORP)

Round 13: WARRIORS - SAT, May 27, 5pm Local (Napier)
ORIGIN 1 - WED, May 31 (Adelaide)
Round 14: SHARKS - SAT, June 3, 7.35pm (PointsBet)
Round 15: KNIGHTS - SAT, June 10, 5.30pm (SUNCORP)
Round 16 - BYE
ORIGIN 2 - WED, June 21 (Suncorp)
Round 17: TITANS - SUN, June 25, 2pm (SUNCORP)
Round 18: DOLPHINS - SAT, July 1, 7.30pm (GABBA)
Round 19 - BYE
ORIGIN 3 - WED, July 12 (Accor)
Round 20: BULLDOGS - SAT, July 15, 3pm (Accor)
Round 21: RABBITOHS - FRI, July 21, 8pm (Sunny Coast)
Round 22: ROOSTERS - THU, July 27, 7.50pm (GABBA)

Round 23: COWBOYS - SAT, Aug 5, 3pm (Townsville)
Round 24: EELS - FRI, Aug 11, 8pm (GABBA)
Round 25 - BYE
Round 26: RAIDERS - SAT, Aug 26, 7.35pm (GIO)
Round 27: STORM - THU, Aug 31, 8pm (SUNCORP)

  • Play twice against: Panthers, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Eels, Storm, Raiders, Titans, Redcliffe
  • Play once against: Roosters, Sharks, Manly, Knights, Dragons, Warriors, Tigers, Bulldogs
  • 8 of first 12 games at Suncorp (Rd 4 v Redcliffe & Rd 10 v Manly are 'away' games).
  • Play three games in Sydney area for entire regular season
  • Home games: 5 Saturdays, 3 Fridays, 3 Thursdays, 1 Sunday
  • Gabba games: Redcliffe, Roosters, Eels
  • Travel to Darwin, Napier, Melbourne, Sunny Coast, Townsville, Canberra
  • Byes in Rd 16, 19 and 25


Just a Game
Aug 28, 2010

"It is exciting. Any time there is a rivalry in sport it is good for the sport. The Dolphins have started the year pretty well, obviously winning both games, and have some good form. Any time there is a team coached by Wayne Bennett you know they are going to be tough to beat. We will show a lot of respect for them."​
"Bennett is not out there playing but I know the philosophies that he will come to the game with. They have been showing it the first two rounds. It is nothing new. Obviously they are out there playing for their coach and doing a great job of it. We know each other pretty well but I am at a new team and he is at a new club."​
"I sent him a text the other day but he brushed me. No, he wrote back. I just wished him well for his first game. I have a good relationship with Wayne and a lot of respect for him. It is good to see him back in the game and back coaching and doing what he loves doing."​
"Yeah he does know plenty about my playbook. That is the fun of rugby league. I enjoy those little clashes. I have been playing rugby league for a long time now and there is a lot of inside knowledge from coaches and game plans week-to-week. It is obviously interesting, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve as well."​

I’m mostly just worried about Kaufusi derailing our season


QCup Player
Aug 24, 2022
If he takes the plea, it’s 3 weeks otherwise longer. That grub got away too many times & though it’s only R3, he’s due to sit on the sidelines for long.

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