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May 10, 2019
What I'm looking most forward to in 2023. I enjoy the drama of RL and like the QLD teams.. Have supported Broncos since they were in the competition and the Coast in their various guises over the years, having lived on the coast for many years.. Also don't mind when the Cowboys do well.. as I just like the QLD teams.

1) Pass the Salt: Dolphins to finish 8th and make the finals

What will happen with the Dolphins and old Wayne? Guaranteed to be some scintillating pressers when things aren't going the way of the old Salt.. They have recruited reasonably well considering.. and will have the momentum of a team with a strong club and pathways setup backing them and no baggage weighing them down. Backing the old Salt to get the best out of Lazy Milf and force some horse blinders on Isaako to keep him in his lane for fear of the glue factory. Would be a huge achievement to make the 8 for Wayne and the Phins.. and I think they can do it.

2) Rainbow Pies: Manly to miss the 8 and to be a drama magnet.

Will Tommy's hamstring make it through the pre-season fan sprints? Will they have enough points in the bank by the time that exclusion round rolls around and we yet again watch people forced to conform to 'the current thing'.

Broncos supporters think the Manly decision makers mad. Scott Penn sees Seibold as the visionary to take them to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. One group will be proven badly wrong.

3) Deck chairs on the Titanic... Titans to implode and the first coach sacking

Said it at the time... but paying 1.25M for Fifita was only done as you had fools in charge of the steering wheel at the time of that decision. No spine of any note.. How many games are they going to get out of Kieran Foran you wonder!? Being a Gold Coast supporter is hardly ever fun.

4) Deja Vu in Clearly Land... Panthers to threepeat?

They are just crushing it as a club, they have kept Cleary (the player.....anybody could coach them) and Dylan Edwards, they have the winning Storm model in play.. keep the best quality spine together regardless of cost (though it helps when they take unders) and fit the best squad around them, cheap and hungry does just fine in the forwards... not so much at halfback. Also they have kept their core group together for many years.

5) Broncos to finish 6th.

Got some sports car management in place at the club and bucket loads of talent and potential in the playing group and really trying to climb that hill... but held back by a spine that just doesn't cut it still as top 4 quality. Haas off to the Roosters confirmed during the season, or that matter is just a land mine waiting to go off again and disrupt the team.
We will lose against every team who gets to 20 before we do. We will win every game where we get to 20 first.
I reckon Penrith will come back to the field a bit, Api is a huge loss for them. Still favs to win, even more so with teams like Parra and Melbourne having a bit to prove after losing some key players.

There were times watching them where they had Mitch Kenny out there and they just had no variation out of dummy half which made them a much easier team to defend against.
We will lose against every team who gets to 20 before we do. We will win every game where we get to 20 first.
We're gonna get to 20pts....

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1. Dolphins tie for the spoon.
2. Seibold goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle - Manly fold.
3. Titans win the comp
4. Panthers tie for the spoon
5. Broncos finish 5th.
1. Broncos finish top four.
2. Dolphins finish bottom four.
3. Melbourne finish outside the top four again.
4. Cowboys miss the eight.
5. Titans inexplicably continue to exist.

Wanted to add the Panthers dropping back to the pack, but I have my doubts about the quality of the pack on the whole, unfortunately.
1. Broncos win the premiership (from 3rd on the ladder).

2. We finally beat Melbourne.

3. Dolphins make the 8.

4. Penrith finish outside the 4.

5. Manly get the wooden spoon.
How long are we supposed to wait for Melbourne to have a bad season? Seems overdue.

we were on track a few years ago when the NRL had a crack down and reffed to the rules in the ruck... unfortunately, then the media started whinging about the number of penalties, causing the NRL to cancel the crackdown ... and the rest, as they say, is history
I read this thread name as predicting the Top 5 for next year, and wondered what the **** everyone was on about and why @Sproj hadn't made multiple different-scenario lists.
1. Dolphins to finish 9th
2. Haas gone season end
3. Significant season ending injury to Cleary
4. Tigers to make finals
5. PvL final season
1. Panthers hattrick - at least the tears from all and sundry about being egotistical/having too much fun/not having enough fun etc etc will be good entertainment.

2. Dolphins avoid the spoon, but also avoid the 8 by some margin. I think the shine is about to come off Wayno this season - that year outta the game might be a bridge too far for a guy that already looks like he might be reaching his expiry date. I still love you though Wayno.

3. Tedesco loses his spot to Suualli. I expect a bit of swapping between wing and FB for these two next year as they do an RTS style transition. Sounds a bit strange to say the Roosters/NSW/Aus fullback will lose his spot but I think the Roosters can see the writing on the wall and will start it early. Perhaps you'll see Tedesco finish his career at the Tigers?

4. Seibold goes to shit, again. I don't rate Seibold as a coach. I think it's interesting how much yardage he's got off 1 season with Souths where everything was already in place.

5. Adam Reynolds gets a long term injury, forcing us into a another disrupted season. More chatter about Adam's durability.
1. We will continue to struggle against top teams. No wins against Melbourne or Panthers. Likely no wins against cowboys or roosters. Wether or not we make the 8 will depend on how the rest of the middle table teams perform.

2. Flegler will have a break out season.

3. Dolphins will finish 8th-10th

4. Rabbitohs will miss the 8, as is the will of the post-Bennett 2nd year curse.

5. Tigers will finish 9th as god intended

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