2024 pre-season discussion: anything goes

It's a testament to his character, that's for damn sure. He could have taken a healthy payday at some shit kicker outfit like the Tiggers or Dogs with a guaranteed starting spot, but he held his ground and told the Broncos "No, I'm earning my way back in."

It's a tough ask, but all the best to him. If he can play to that level again where he can't be ignored, I will be over the moon for him.
Since we're in the off season, but also not far off the start of preseason training. It seems as good a time as any to revisit an obsession that was awakened by @Big Pete regarding composition of the squad and breaking it down to Veterans, Seasoned and Rookies based on Trent Robinson's thoughts.

The original link to BP's post and description of each band is provided at the bottom, but the table below tracks how the squad has been progressing through these bands since 2020.

I've kept Herbie, Flegler and Palasia in the table, because it shows where the squad would've been if they stayed but also the risks of being a development club. They would've been part of the core group ready to jump up to seasoned players in 2024, but with them gone we don't have an immediate replacement and because we don't necessarily buy players it sets the squad composition back and will take a couple years for the 'replacements' to come through (Mariner, Willison, etc.).

What I did find interesting was Fletcher Baker comes into the squad with 46 games under his belt already, so he's sitting there as a Palasia replacement straight off the bat.

2024 Squad2023 Squad2022 Squad2020 Squad
Player Count31283129
200 Games+Adam ReynoldsAdam ReynoldsAdam ReynoldsDarius Boyd
Martin TaupauDavid MeadAlex Glenn
Corey OatesAndrew McCullough*
100-199 GamesKurt CapewellCorey OatesCorey OatesAnthony Milford
Payne HaasKurt CapewellRyan JamesCorey Oates
Kotoni StaggsJordan Kahu
60-99 GamesCorey JensenPayne HaasKurt CapewellJoe Ofahengaue
Patrick CarriganCorey JensenJamayne IsaakoJack Bird
Jordan RikiThomas FleglerBrenko LeeTevita Pangai Jr
Jesse ArtharsKotoni StaggsPayne Haas
Billy WaltersPatrick Carrigan
Reece Walsh
* Thomas Flegler (96 games)
* Herbie Farnworth (79 games)
20-59 GamesKobe HetheringtonHerbie FarnworthCorey JensenMatt Lodge
Selwyn CobboJordan RikiThomas FleglerJamayne Isaako
Fletcher BakerJordan PereiraAlbert KellyBrodie Croft
Jordan PereiraJesse ArtharsTe Maire MartinDavid Fifita
Cory PaixReece WalshKotoni StaggsKotoni Staggs
Ezra MamKobe HetheringtonPatrick CarriganPayne Haas
Jock MaddenBilly WaltersJake TurpinThomas Flegler
* Keenan Palasia (53 games)Tesi NiuHerbie Farnworth
Keenan PalasiaJordan Pereira
Cory PaixRhys Kennedy
Selwyn CobboJordan Riki
Tyson Gamble*Tesi Niu
5-19 GamesTyson SmoothyTC RobatiCory PaixRichie Kennar
Delouise HoeterEzra MamTyson GamblePatrick Carrigan
Brendan PiakuraKobe HetheringtonJake Turpin
Xavier WillisonBilly WaltersJesse Arthars
Tristan SailorKeenan PalasiaRhys Kennedy
Deine MarinerTC RobatiSean O'Sullivan
Selwyn Cobbo
0-5 GamesBlake MozerXavier WillisonDelouise HoeterTommy Dearden
Josh RogersDeine MarinerXavier WillisonXavier Coates
Ben Te KuraBrendan PiakuraBrendan PiakuraHerbie Farnworth
Blake MozerEzra MamKeenan Palasia
Ethan Quai-WardIlikena Vudogo
Ben Te KuraCory Paix
Jamil Hopoate

200 Games
Your veterans who maybe past their physical peaks but have a great understanding of the game and can problem solve with the best of them.
100-199 Games
Typically an experienced player who has made a career out of the sport. Ideally these are players entering their peak years but can often be filled with veterans who had their share of disruptions whether it be code changes
60-99 Games
A player who has broken out of the 3 season average and they're important parts of the team but they may lack experience in the bigger games.
20-59 Games
Most NRL careers only last three seasons, so this is your regular category where you expect the most amount of movement. You also see tend to see a mixture of depth players and developing players.
6-19 Games
These are the players who have played enough games to earn more responsibility but they're still essentially rookies and have to be shown some level of patience.
0-5 Games
These are your rookies and typically you've promoted them to the NRL squad because they're supremely talented but you know that you've really got to simplify their role and give them room to make mistakes.
Kobe's brother, Zac, has signed with Wynnum. He was with the Dogs for a few years in reserve grade.

He was at the Jets in 2021. Had a great year. I wanted the Broncos to give him a crack then, but he went to the Dogs.
Xavier Willison and Deine Mariner
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Was in the same elevator as Tevita Pangai Jr and his wife at work today.

Just throwing it out there.

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