2024 pre-season discussion: anything goes

Reminder: Season 2024 starts tomorrow.

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Jack Bird on the Kemp podcast.

I skipped to the segment about the broncos. Pretty interesting. Dot points are:

- inferred the sharks didn’t tell him how bad his sternum was but it was causing so much discomfort that he “couldn’t even fart without it hurting”. Broncos were angry this was hidden as they would’ve just did the surgery at the same time as the shoulder injury.
- put on weight due to not being able to train
- could’ve got more money elsewhere but signed to be coached by Wayne, which due to injury and the Wayne sacking it didn’t really happen
- felt guilty about not being able to play. Wanted to play one more season to try and repay the club/prove himself.
- loved the broncos and would’ve stayed but they wanted to move him on which he was understanding of so went to dragons.
- lost money by going to dragons but was okay as the dragons had an extra year on the deal.
I felt for Bird's position when he was here....... that said, I don't think there's been any sign of his form that he showed in the one purple patch/season he had at the Sharks

Sharks doctors.... 🙄

If its anything other then administering PED's, then they haven't got a clue.
Spotted training today:

Ezra Mam​
Deine Mariner​
Blake Mozer​
Brendan Piakura​
Xavier Willison​
Tyson Smoothy​
Ben Te Kura​
Jaiyden Hunt​
Fletcher Baker​
I'm going to have to fly to Brisbane just to watch training one day. Take my kids so they can get signatures.
Can we do something about the fact we are discussing the exact same things in multiple threads? I.e. Broncos signing news stays in the signing discussion thread, not in 4 different threads 😊

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