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Should Seibold be sacked immediately?

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Deep Didgeridoo
Jeez I'm so fucking glad we let Paul White hire his fat fuckwit mate for a cool five million dollars. Worked out real well so far, he's setting records and taking the team in a great new direction.
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Dazza 92

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but what about effective post contact metres...??

Never heard the term in my life until Pie face came to our club....

Surely that counts for something...???
He’s gone. Sack him and give it to any old boy until the end of the season and try to rebuild a bit of culture until we find a decent replacement at the end of the year.

Hodgo have a crack.
If we’re giving a nobody who has achieved nothing anywhere, let alone with the club, a 5-6 year contract. Surely we can afford an origin winning, 6x premiership as a player winning bloke a fucking crack. Surely.
whats kevvy doing? Cracking a beer, laughing & ready to sign a contract 🤞

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