-NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting


NRL Player
Sunshine Coast
Badel's just dropped a long read on Darius in the CM, based around an interview.

Boyd intends to defend his captaincy. Says critics and fans won't bully him. They don't get his shit. Hasn't considered quitting since leading the drubbing that bundled Brisbane out of the finals. Loves the responsiblity of skipper, but if punted to regulars will do what's best for the Broncos.

His coach - who coincidently bears an uncanny resemblance to a dark haired Santa minus the beard - will announce the 2020 captaincy in time for Xmas. Most see Boyd gone, but he's still keeping his hopes up. Says "it’s been awesome having the captaincy" and that he's "grown to enjoy it" because he's been able to help young guys coming through. Claims he "enjoyed the captaincy more than ever last year" and that he did a "great job as captain" but will respect the coach's decision if he decides to upgrade the role to someone who isn't such a walking disaster.

Although Darius copped shit from a who's who of NRL immortals such as Fatty and Andrew Johns, the 33 year-old intends to keep ploughing. He repeats he's never thought about giving the game away. Not ever. He doesn't read the news, follow social media or watch sports shows. His mind and body feel good and he loves the game so it would be insane to give it up. Even when everyone is shouting "hang 'em up Darius." He's become adept at blocking out negativity. And it's working.

Talks about "mental health," but you're yawning so let's skip that.

Confirms his handsome, though portly, coach is toying with hiding him in the centres or wing in 2020. He's been training at left centre this week but if Staggs and B