Best plot twists in movies?


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I just watched Memento, and the ending (or should I say the beginning [icon_razz1 ) really made me think about some of the amazing plot twists I've seen in movies.

My top 3:

1) The Sixth Sense - Pretty obvious one, but it's obvious because it was really good.
2) The Usual Suspects
3) Memento

What are your guys?


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Usual Suspects is probably the best one.

Se7en was good too, although it wasn't too surprising.


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american psycho

i still dont understand it
It's left open to your own interpretation, it could have all been in his head or it could have actually happened. The second one makes more sense I think because it is a satire on the hollowness of the 80's yuppie culture.

Bateman gets away with murder because the people in the story are only concerned with materialistic things. Nobody cares about anything but themselves; they don't notice his crimes because they do not directly affect them (an example of this can be seen with the owners of the apartment where he stored the bodies. The covered it up because if anybody knew about the murders the value of the property would go down).

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