NEWS Bird credits Bennett and Seibold for getting his mojo back

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Foordy, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Aye, so who would you rather get with 450k? One of the all-time greats, a man who would be a shoe-in for immortal status if those twerps down south didn't hate him so much, or a giant cream puff?
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    One of those I would like to eat, so I'll have to go with that one. Kennedy misses out.
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  3. It's pretty fucked up how some Broncos fans have treated him during a time of injury. They forgot the Jack Bird who played for the Blues, that's for sure.
    Jack Bird has a lot of ability and will be a great asset if he can stay injury free and I believe will make the left center position his own in 2019 .2018 was a Wright off for him but he will bounce back
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    Broncos fans don’t owe Jack shit. Until he comes good, he’s just ex-Cronulla scum. Was nothing special for the blues.

    He owes the Broncos a **** stellar year.
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  6. I reckon he'll come good now he's injury free and has had a pre-season to get into the swing of things properly. We should at least give him a chance while he's not busted.
  7. Anyone who says he wasn't awesome for the Blues is lacking a brain.
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    Short memories it seems.

    Footballers like Bird, even though aren't outstanding in every department, are more valuable than a superstar sprinter that cant tackle. In the thick of a match they can be the difference or a heavy influence - this is why hes on big money as we have very few of these in the team.
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  9. The hypocrisy is the kicker. There are Broncos fans who will fight tooth and nail to say an absolute dud player is a superstar, but a player who has a proven ability in the sport gets written off and ripped into because he was injured.

    Won't condone wishing injury on players, but sure will sink the boot in when they're already injured it seems.
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    From what I saw of him playing for Scumulla, he looked like a hard running centre. Nothing more or less. Of course that isn't bad but in my mind hardly justified the reported size of his contract with us. I couldn't understand what Bennett was thinking. I still can't. Hopefully this year he shows me what all the hype was about.

    He would be an outstanding bench utility player but for the money he is reported to be on, that a non-starter.

    Having said all that, I'd much prefer him in the centres to Kahu.
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  11. 1 - He's not a superstar. He's an above average player who doesn't have a proven long term record. He's had two solid years, 1 nothing year.
    2 - He's a NSWanker coming to the Broncos, he has to actually win us over before most people will jump to defend him. The game against the Warriors he was good, the rest he was as good as invisible.
    3 - He took up a huge portion of our cap for a year with no return.

    I actually really like his play style and I hope/expect him to do very well now that he's injury free but until he does something worthwhile in Broncos colours it's hard for me to be totally enthusiastic about defending him either.
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    Somebody is very narrow minded and needs to take the Broncos lenses off true? @Nashy@Nashy Bird when fit is an absolute weapon, anybody who thinks he isn’t is barbecuing while on the glass pipe.
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    Point Number #2 a NSWanker....
    Mate you better get use to it... because in our current side we have the following NSWankers or emerging NSWankers...
    1) Matt Lodge
    2) Tevita Pangai
    3) James Roberts
    4) Jack Bird
    5) Payne Haas

    They are all in the top half of our squad.
    Have you actually watched bird play with a non bias viewing?
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    Can anyone imagine Bennett in an Austin Powers suit?
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  15. Look at my avatar mate. Lodge is my favourite Bronco right now.

    Roberts and Pangai have proven themselves as Broncos, Haas is our beast junior who has the potential to dominate the competition.

    What has Bird done as a Bronco? Nothing. That's the only point I'm making. I didn't watch many Sharks games, no, they're a boring wrestling grub scum team, not my idea of entertainment.

    As soon as Bird starts playing regularly for us, has some good games, shows passion in our jersey, it'll be easy to defend him. Right now, Jan 2019, he's an overpaid dud as far as I'm concerned but I can't wait to see how he goes this year and I'd love to cheer him on... All I'm saying is it's a bit hard to feel passionate about the guy when he's done nothing as a Bronco yet. Give me 2 months and I'll probably be cheering him on as loud as anyone.
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    Pretty much. He certainly made mince meat out of his opposition number
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    He played off the bench for NSW. Had zero success. No tries. He was solid for NSW, but not special.
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    I agree right now he is over paid and hasn’t proven his worth.
    All I’m saying is I have watched him with an unbiased view and he is honestly a very good player. I believe he will work his ass off and justify his price tag this year. We just need him to get back to his form when he won the premiership and we are laughing.

    I have a good feeling about this year, I think we are covered all across the park. I just hope Kodi and Milf take their games to a new level.
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    6) Kotoni Staggs
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